Alina enjoys trip to Greece when Steven is nowhere to be found



Fans believe Steven Johnston and Alina broke up after Russian cast member 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way posted Instagram stories from Greece.

Russian 90 day fiancé star Alina is currently documenting her vacation in Greece, however, her boyfriend Steven Johnston is missing from her stories. Steven’s many problematic traits annoyed 90 day fiancé: the other way viewers who are of the opinion that Alina should dump him ASAP. The only wish of the Mormon man is that Alina be a virgin, while he is cheating on her with various women and is not even ready to marry. TLC viewers are fed up with Steven’s mind games and hypocrisy. And maybe, to their relief, Alina going on vacation with just her mom suggests she’s not with Steven.

Steven, 25, resident of Utah, met Alina, 21, on a language learning app, and after a year of dating, the couple now want to get married in Turkey and move to Russia. But alas, Steven and Alina 90 day fiancé travel so far has not been fun due to its horrific history. Not only is Steven not a virgin, but he also has a host of female friends, some of whom he dated while dating Alina. Alina’s solution for Steven to fix his past was to ask her to delete her social media and stop communicating with her friends. “But even Jesus has friends who were girls, you know?Steven asked Alina after which the fans could only ask the Novosibirsk resident to run home.

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Meanwhile, according to Alina’s Instagram updates, it appears she is at home, while Steven’s current location remains unknown. Aspiring digital illustrator Alina recently took a vacation to Greece and shared a selfie with her mom Anna, who is also featured on 90 day fiancé: the other way of their flight. According to the caption of her Instagram story translated from Russian to English, Alina was overjoyed to eat shark meat in the country. “We fly to relax“Alina wrote, and in a different story, shared videos of the apartment she was staying in.”We rented an ordinary apartment to experience ordinary Greek life“said one of the legends.

Alina Vacation Green Together Steven In 90 Day Fiancé

All of her fun Greece updates, which include sightseeing videos of streets, markets, and delicious food, suggest that this is a trip Alina took with her mother only. 90 day fiancé blogger @tote_the_memes shared one of Alina’s clicked selfies in Thessaloniki, Greece, and a delicious seafood meal. “Anyone know if she’s still with Steven or not?“One fan asked in the comments and someone else wrote:”Hope Scary Steven isn’t here with her 👀 “Another TLC viewer prayed that Alina would be with”someone other than the mormon typein Greece. A comment also joked that Alina should pair a tall glass of wine with the dish.

Still, Alina and Steven are mostly together according to this theory. The couple constantly liked each other’s IG updates and shared sweet comments before their 90 day fiancé start. Body art and makeup enthusiast Alina also defended Steven against fans accusing him of kicking a dog in the latest. TOW episode. That being said, it’s highly likely that Steven and Alina eventually got married. Maybe Alina just wanted mom and me time with Anna in Greece, where Steven’s presence is cleverly hidden by her from the stories.

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Source: Alina / Instagram, @ tote_the_memes / Instagram

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