Alina furious with Steven after he reveals her big secret


90 Day Russian Fiancé: The Other Way cast member Alina has expressed her disappointment and anger at her boyfriend Steven Johnston for ruining her date with wine.

Steven Johnston reveals his big secret to Alina the 90 day fiancé: the other way boiled his Russian girlfriend in anger. Fans find it hard to trust Steven on TOW season 3 as he and Alina get closer to their marriage in Turkey. The Mormon man disturbed the 90 day fiancé community with its beliefs, words and behavior, to introduce them to the word “skoodilypoop”To hitchhike in a foreign country. TLC viewers wonder how Alina is still with Steven, but on their wine tasting date she may have finally seen her true colors.

Steven, based in Utah, and Alina, a resident of Novosibirsk, crossed paths on a language exchange app. The 90 day fiancé: the other way The couple met in person for two weeks as Alina feared Steven would kidnap her and sell her organs. Now Steven and Alina are ready to get married in Turkey and move to Russia, but the former pest control salesman has some secrets hidden up his sleeve. While adventurer Steven wants Alina to be a virgin and not indulge in premarital sex, he already has and maybe more in his past. But in 90 day fiancé: the other way episode 6, Steven reveals his sins to Alina.

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According to an excerpt shared by 90 Day Fiancé on Instagram, Steven finally reveals that he is not a virgin of Alina. And in the comments, Alina gained attention after posting how furious she was about Steven’s actions. “Ruined such a romantic atmosphere!😡😡😡 “, aspiring digital artist Alina wrote angrily about the wine tasting date gone awry.”Do not swallowSteven says in the clip as he has a toast with Alina, then talks about the smelly wine, as he puts his whole tongue in the glass and licks it. Alina laughs adorably at Steven’s nasty antics. it is a question of reacting to his confession, Alina, who does not already fully trust Steven, may not take it lightly.

As well as not getting a good impression of Steven, who himself says future episodes might not portray him in a good light, 90 day fiancé viewers are annoyed with him. Steven, who has been compared to Brandon Gibbs, has repeatedly shown that he is immature and impulsive, proving that he is not ready for marriage. Even in the comments posted, fans say Steven should “to grow“and that Alina needs”run away from him. “Some fans have admitted that they were tempted to move Steven’s segments quickly, while others worry about how Alina will deal with the trauma of her future husband keeping such a big secret from her.

Many viewers have discussed Alina’s reasons for dating Steven, and if it’s even worth a Green Card if she’s looking for one. But Alina slammed a reviewer who called her “desperate”Claiming that she is not coming to the United States. If everything went as planned for Steven and Alina, one would assume that the 90 day fiancé: the other way the couple are now married. While fans may be disappointed if Alina still chooses to stick with Steven, there’s no denying that offscreen they exhibit awkward chemistry.

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