Alina laughed for hinting that she was following her heart with Steven


90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Alina from Russia suggests her life has changed for the better after meeting Steven and disappointed supporters.

Russian 90 day fiancé: the other way Actor Alina has disappointed fans by hinting at how much better his life is after being with Steven Johnston. Ever since goofy Steven showed his nasty true colors on the 90 day fiancé spin-off, fans prayed that Alina would break up with him. Their countdown to get married in Turkey is a ticking time bomb, with Steven revealing one shocking secret about his past after another. But although Steven cheated on Alina and lied about being a virgin, she is still with him, making TLC viewers doubt his intentions.

Alina, who was a student of Chinese language and Asian politics when she was at her university in Novosibirsk, Russia, has now taken on a whole new career. At 90 day fiancé: the other way, Alina has revealed how her meeting with Steven and her decision to marry him turned her world upside down. At 21, Alina thought Steven was right for her, but he clearly hasn’t returned the favor. The Utah resident continued on several dates behind Alina’s back and apparently also had sex with a woman while watching Star wars. Alina told her mother Anna that she was considering becoming Steven’s wife, but in real life, it’s surprisingly a different story.

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According to her latest Instagram upload, Alina is in Santorini, Greece, enjoying the sunsets and the sights. “Meet me at sunset on an island paradise ?? where colors and dreams come to life from the horizon”, Wrote Alina in the caption of her article. But then came the cryptic message, which 90 day fiancé fans think it’s Steven. “It wasn’t that long ago that my life was totally different. Complitly normal, admitted Alina. “But I followed my heart ?? and now life couldn’t be better,“she continued.”To all who feel like they’re missing something, I say follow your heart ❤️💛🤍 ”Alina added, suggesting that the missing piece of her life’s puzzle was Steven.

Interestingly, Steven also commented on Alina’s photo. “Saint guacamole ?? one of the most beautiful job descriptions I have ever read,Is what he wrote to praise Russian beauty. Meanwhile, Reddit user u / Emotional_Ad261 took note of Alina’s heavy caption and asked: “Where are Alina’s fans?”Taunting viewers who have supported Alina so far for treating Steven’s lies like a boss. “Ah Aline. We were all rooted for you. Why?asked another fan, u / finntastic74. The OP also shared a screenshot of Alina’s $ 5,000 fundraiser where she asked fans to support her dreams of becoming a digital artist and specialist. marketing.

Editing Alina’s fundraising page makes her admit that she has been facing a financial crisis since leaving. “overdue studies for SteVen. Fans didn’t believe Alina as she looks quite well off on her social media page and due to her recent trip to Greece. It was also her long vacation that revealed that Alina and Steven are still together after a 90 day fiancé: the other way fan photographed them with his mother Anna in Crete. Many now believe that Alina and Steven may have put on the show to gain weight, as some of their scenes started to look staged as well. Either way, given the situation, it looks like Steven and Alina’s pairing will always be questionable.

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Source: Alina, u / Emotional_Ad261, u / finntastic74

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