Alina’s mother Anna reveals her true feelings about Steven


As Russian student Alina moves to Turkey to marry Utah native Steven, Anna, the mother of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star, doubts him.

Russian 90 day fiancé: the other way daughter Alina has her mother, Anna, worried about her trip to Turkey with Steven Johnston. The new entrant in the world of 90 day fiancé, Alina will be present in episode 2 which airs Sunday on TLC. Steven, based in Utah, who works in pest control, leaves his life in America to move to Russia with Alina, whom he met on a language app. The couple, however, only spent two weeks together, so Steven and Alina’s seriousness about their married life is questioned by their family and friends.

While Alina has yet to be introduced to fans, Steven has already managed to attract curiosity due to her demeanor and mysterious past. Steven, who is Mormon, apparently frightened Alina when he asked her to meet him because she thought he belonged to a cult. Alina was concerned that Steven would sell his organs, which forced him to set up a meeting in Prague with their two mothers involved. Steven instantly connected with Alina, who he dated remotely for a year, and now wants to marry her within 90 days in Turkey, then move to Russia.

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A preview clip for the next episode of 90 day fiancé: the other way, posted by HEY, shows Alina talking to the cameras about how she fell in love with Steven on the language exchange platform. However, the video also features Alina’s mother, Anna, and her grandmother, Ludmila, with whom she remains in Novosibirsk. The very photogenic Alina is seen having her photo taken by a friend as she reveals that she loves makeup and body art. Alina thinks it helps her express herself, show her personality and make her shine. Alina is currently a student of Chinese and Asian politics.

Steven Alina Russian Girl Upside Down Into 90 Day Fiance

Initially, Alina wanted to finish her studies and focus on her career, but then she met Steven. “Oh, he’s very handsome,That’s what Alina remembered thinking the first time she saw Steven, which was “very kind” and “joked a lot.”Alina has admitted to loving Steven, and she can’t wait to find him, although her mother, Anna, has been worried since she first left the house. Anna comments that she expected Steven to come to Russia, which would have prevented Alina from taking a year off from college. “If he was there we could get to know him, adds Anna, who only saw Steven for a week. “He’s still a stranger to meAlina’s mother says, but the couple have no choice but to fly to Turkey due to the pandemic.

Perhaps it is Alina’s mother’s intuition that gives her a bad idea of ​​Steven and Alina’s future. The same red flags were seen by Steven’s family and friends, who believe he is not yet ready for marriage. Steven is known for living a carefree and adventurous life that involves making impromptu decisions that led to his short-term relationships. However, Alina’s mother’s serious concerns about him might be justified when Steven reveals the catastrophic secret he seems to be hiding.

90 day fiancé: the other way airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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