Anna Netrebko appears under the Ukrainian flag in Monte-Carlo


French media Forum Opera has published an image of the latest encore of the Monte-Carlo Opera’s new production of “Manon Lescaut”.

The photo features the performers of the production, including Anna Netrebko under the Ukrainian flag. In their review of the production, the outlet focused on this moment, saying: “The strongest image of the evening was at the very end when, at the call of the curtain, Anna Netrebko walked away. inclined with all the protagonists, under the image of a Ukrainian flag. projected above the stage. It’s going to be ugly in the Kremlin! A few minutes earlier, she had been dazzling in her air “Sola, perdta, abandonnata”.

The image comes just weeks after Netrebko issued a third statement condemning the war in Ukraine and attempting to distance himself from Putin. This declaration led to her being declared an enemy of the state in Russia by certain political leaders and having certain contracts canceled in her native country.

The performance also marked the return of the soprano after retiring from numerous contracts.

The press leading up to the opening of the production of ‘Manon Lescaut’ had been controversial and the Monte-Carlo Opera said: ‘Anna Netrebko made a statement two weeks ago regarding the war and her relationship with Putin . She took a clear position against the war in Ukraine. As a result, she was declared an “enemy of the fatherland” by the Duma speaker, and a theater in Novosibirsk canceled her appearance.

Netrebko has come under fire for her links to Putin and for a photo from 2014, in which she posed with the Donbass separatist leader as she made a contribution to the opera.

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