Bourne supremacy paid Russian cops to shoot Moscow car chase without a license


How does a film crew achieve true verisimilitude while facing head-on the rigors of complicated filming? It’s simple, really: cut a few corners if necessary with a mix of careful planning and, well, some winging. Jason Bourne’s globetrotting mission in “The Bourne Supremacy” takes the assassin from the sun-scorched beaches of Goa, India, to the frozen streets of Moscow, Russia, the latter presenting some of the greatest challenges the production team faces. The climactic car chase that takes place in Moscow pits Bourne in a stolen taxi against the villainous rival assassin Kirill (Karl Urban), who is responsible for the murder of Marie (Franka Potente) earlier in the film.

In a retrospective with GQ, Urban revealed that filming this third-act chase sequence required some underhanded tactics:

“That car chase in Moscow, we shot a lot of it in Russia, we shot a lot of it in Berlin, but the Russian stuff was amazing. The production had to pay the local cops to close the roads, so we we could shoot it. For some reason, we didn’t get the license to shoot, so we were riding around Moscow, literally stealing shots. We had a cop on a bike, and he was literally going out into the street, raised his hand, stop traffic and go, ‘Okay, go ahead.’ And I’m in a seven-series BMW and I put it on the ground, really kind of a cowboy thing. But that’s how we got the pictures.

The quality of the final result is certainly up to the efforts that the crew had to make to pull off such stunts. Even better, Urban remarks that he did much of the driving himself. dungeon this in mind the next time you launch “The Bourne Supremacy”.


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