BREAKING NEWS: Former Russian police Major General Ivan Abakumov detained in Crimea


BREAKING NEWS: Former Russian police Major General Ivan Abakumov detained in Crimea Credit: Telegram/ 112

Former Russian police Major General Ivan Abakumov was arrested in Crimea, as reported on Tuesday July 5.

Ivan Abakumov, a former major general of the Russian police, was arrested in Crimea, in connection with the “St. Petersburg law enforcement case”, as reported by the 112 Telegram channel.

The former deputy head of the police department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast was reportedly arrested while vacationing in Crimea and taken to Moscow for questioning.

Abakumov had previously been the subject of a criminal case over a holiday scam in 2019. At the time, he provided a false document stating that he had spent most of June in a hospital in Tosno, Russia, due to high blood pressure. .

However, the investigation revealed that on June 10, 2019, the Russian major general left by car for Crimea and did not return until June 28.

The same month, the general was dismissed from his post.

As a result of the previous investigation, it was discovered that Abakumov owned an expedition yacht, a 250 square meter apartment in the center of St. Petersburg, a country house and several luxury SUVs.

Large-scale raids by high-ranking law enforcement in St. Petersburg are currently underway with reports of Federal Security Service officers investigating the home of Alexey Semyonov, the traffic police chief of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, as well as Sergey Umnov, the former head of the Saint Petersburg city department of the Interior Ministry.

The news follows reports that the vice-rector of the Russian Customs Academy was detained for drug trafficking in the Moscow region, as reported on Tuesday July 5.

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