Call for greater emphasis on cooperation in light of new challenges


MINSK, September 28 (BelTA) – In light of the new challenges, we need to pay more attention to cooperation, BelTA, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Industry Dmitry Kharitonchik, said at the opening of the Belarusian Forum industry and innovation.

“This event is very important. The working conditions of our companies and companies are getting more complicated. New challenges arise, and it is very important to pay more attention to cooperation, to seek new partners in order to pool individual capabilities and to promote our products in third country markets Events like this give us such opportunities, ”said Dmitry Kharitonchik.

“The forum is in full rebound. We are seeing positive momentum, new developments and innovative products,” said Sergei Shcherbakov, deputy chairman of the Belarusian State Committee for Science and Technology. “For Belarus, innovative development is a priority. Since 2006, the country has been implementing state innovative development programs. The fourth edition of this program was adopted on September 15 of this year. “

According to the Russian Federation’s trade representative in Belarus, Yuri Zolotarev, Russia and Belarus have been the closest trade and economic partners since the collapse of the Soviet Union. “Historically close production links, a relatively identical level of scientific and technological development, similar mentalities and regulatory frameworks, the absence of language barriers in corporate communication determine a positive image of our cooperation, including in ‘industry. Our countries are not only the most active. members of the Eurasian Economic Union, but are on the right track towards industrial integration, ”he said.

“The Belarusian Innovation and Industry Forum has been held since 1997. At the moment, it is a very attractive platform for Russian exhibitions. Of all the exhibition events that have taken place in Belarus this year, this forum attracted the record number of Russian participants “About 40 Russian economic entities are presented at the exhibition. There are also regional exhibitions from the regions of Moscow, Volgograd, Novosibirsk and Orenburg as well as that of St. Petersburg, “noted Yuri Zolotarev.

The Belarusian Industry and Innovation Forum 2021 takes place in Minsk from September 28 to 30. The forum features a collection of specialist international exhibitions such as Techinnoprom, Proweld, Chemistry Oil & Gas which showcase technologies and innovations used by the production sector in addition to an intensive commercial program. The forum has traditionally focused on the latest industrial products, new technologies and the development of international links. Topics of urgent interest relating to mechanical engineering, the petrochemical industry, welding and additive technologies, composites and polymers, industrial safety solutions and innovative R&D products will be addressed.

Companies from Russia and Iran present extensive exhibitions in addition to exhibitions of Belarusian companies. The St. Petersburg Export Assistance Center organized a collective booth of eight St. Petersburg-based export-oriented organizations, which manufacture innovative equipment and solutions (laser cutting machine tools, springs, a wide range of radio equipment, water heaters, loudspeaker equipment, visual notification devices and thermal insulation materials) and offer recovery and other specialized services for the management of environmental pollution . The collective exhibition of Volgograd Oblast in Russia showcases additive technologies and the production of cutting-edge 3D and 5D printers.

One of the companies of the Moscow oblast collective exhibition in Russia specializes in the automation of welding processes. The company brought the most popular CRP RH14-10-W welding robot. The company offers robots for businesses, whose business processes include welding, painting, palletizing, polishing, loading and unloading, transportation and sorting. Robots are designed to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

A collective exhibition of the oil and gas organizations of the Russian city of Orenburg was organized as part of the Chemistry Oil & Gas exhibition in addition to the exhibitions of the enterprises of the Belarusian state petrochemical enterprise Belneftekhim, which regularly participate in it. Gomel Chemical Plant is the general partner of this exhibition. The company specializes in the manufacture of compound fertilizers containing phosphorus, phytosanitary agents as well as inorganic synthesis products.

The 17th Belarusian Welder Competition will be held in the framework of the Belarusian Industry and Innovation Forum 2021. It traditionally includes representatives of companies headed by the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Architecture and Construction, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Education, Housing and Ministry of Utilities, Belneftekhim Concern and other organizations.

Belarusian Industry and Innovation Forum 2021 takes place in the Indoor Football Hall at 20/2 Pobeditelei Avenue, Minsk and will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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