Call to increase the share of domestic light industry products in Belarusian stores


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MINSK, Aug. 8 (BelTA) — There is a need to increase the share of Belarusian light industry products on store shelves in Belarus, Belarusian Light Industry Chairwoman Bellegprom Tatiana Lugina said on the airwaves of the television channel ONT, informs BelTA.

“There is room for growth, we need to increase the share of Belarusian light industry products on the shelves of our stores. Of course, this task must be taken on by the manufacturers and us, the coordinators of this activity. We shouldn’t waste a single minute. We have to seize the moment and just take the niches that have been released for one reason or another in offline and online stores, in retail and wholesale segments. The world is changing so fast that things that seemed ineffective and irrelevant two or three months ago have turned out to be relevant now,” said Tatiana Lugina.

The company president pointed out that a multi-brand textile outlet opened in May in Ivanovo, Russia. “We are opening another facility in Novosibirsk in August, work is underway. We plan to launch two more multi-brand trading houses that will represent three or four companies in our group. In this case, our companies will not have to enter the market alone, but they will try to establish themselves there jointly with other companies via a trading house which will represent four companies,” she added.


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