Ready to furnish: which consumer credit should you choose?

  • December 10, 2019

The bill can quickly climb when looking for furniture, sometimes forcing you to take out a loan to furnish. There are several forms of consumer credit to amortize purchases over time. Overview of the various loan solutions for furniture.

Revolving credit, the best loan for furniture?

Revolving credit, the best loan for furniture?

Revolving credit is a type of loan that is both flexible and without supporting documents . Generally associated with amounts between the 500 USD and 3000 USD credit, this small credit represents a good loan for furniture.

Characteristics of revolving credit

  • Amount: 500 $ to 4000 $ (sometimes more) 
  • Duration: 36 months maximum up to 3000 $, 60 months beyond
  • Revisable APR rate
  • Fast credit without proof of use
  • Available money reserve
  • Credit easier to obtain than a conventional personal loan

The revisable APR rate (annual effective annual rate) indicates that it is subject to change. This is in particular sometimes the case when the money available in the reserve is reused. The money is made available on his account within 48 hours, but the rate is however generally high.

Any request for credit 4000 USD or less made on our comparator redirects to the best revolving credit solutions. Our ranking takes into account the APR rate, but also the chances of receiving a positive opinion.

The loan to furnish directly in store

The loan to furnish directly in store

Most major brands offer to pay for purchases on credit. Consumer credit in stores is rather easy to obtain up to 1000 USD. It is generally sufficient to provide the following supporting documents:

  • A rib
  • An ID
  • Bank card

The loan for furniture is actually a revolving credit . It is sometimes associated with a credit and loyalty card, that of BUT or that of Boulanger. He therefore also grants an available reserve of money.