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The events of a bygone era return very often to highlight the shortcomings of the evolution of our world in the present. China had a glorious past, falling out of favor, rising again to a seemingly invincible future. This is a truly epic achievement and should be given due recognition. The world is in awe of the extent of Chinese omnipresence. It is evolving before our eyes, rendering us seemingly powerless to counter the Communist Party’s will to dominate the world.

But how real is the apparent preeminence of China, and how much is it due to a very powerful propaganda machine?

Hard to say but we ignore the clear intention of the Communist Party at our peril. Xi Jinping is riding a wave of patriotic fervor stimulated by an ego that knows no bounds.

From the nine-dash line that unilaterally declares most of the South China Sea as sovereign Chinese territory to belligerent assertions of their territorial ambitions elsewhere, the PRC is very bottom-up and flexing its muscles accordingly.

At least that is what they would have us believe as we are intimidated into a curled up submission and ultimate vassalage.

Real or imaginary? Well, the indicators of this are clear. Take the Xi Jinping Belt and Road initiative, for example. Beijing is distributing largesse around the world on an unprecedented scale, taking on the aura of a benevolent elder.

Yet there are threads of silk attached to it all. Strict terms and conditions that any recipient fails to adhere to will result in forfeiture.

The plan is to provide Beijing with a solid and strategic foundation across the world.

Barbados is a perfect example, having just signed up for a bag of Beijing candy. The sums of money are attractive to Barbadians, but they are likely to fail in servicing this debt, hence the result is almost assured.

Sovereign nations of course have the full right to exercise their prerogatives in accordance with the directives of their national legislative masters. I refrain from using the word democratic, or any variation of it, simply because most citizens of sovereign states around the world are generally unaware of the self-interest that goes on behind the scenes.

Governments that are geopolitically savvy are currently showing incredible weakness in the face of this threat.

Their incompetence and reluctance to face China defies belief.

Globalization, of course, was / is intended to perpetuate a stable and sustainable basis for world trade. Profitable supply and workforce chains are at the heart of this philosophy.

The only problem is that all the proverbial eggs combined to drive this were placed in the Chinese basket. China scores massive with double-digit GDP growth AND a fully-employed workforce with disposable income to spend, which positively boosts domestic consumption in its economy.

For globalization to be effective and sustainable, there must be a rules-based agenda, which for the Chinese Communist Party was and remains something to be chosen at will.

They will do what is convenient for them as and when they are needed, ignoring their international obligations or putting world order under their direct influence and control also in a stealthy manner.

The UN Human Rights Commission is aligned with China, for example. How sick is it with their appalling human rights record? Other examples of Chinese opportunism include their recent denigration of their engagement in Hong Kong, their failure to recognize international law regarding their territorial ambitions in the South China Sea, their dangerous approach to the edge of the Himalayas and fear that we let us not forget their demonic concern for Taiwan.

This brings us back to the lessons of history. Those seemingly invincible empires of the past always end up becoming a reframing. Try to impose your will on several fronts, dictating the agenda to the world as a whole has consequences.

Bullies always meet their match sooner or later. The Chinese Communist Party will be no exception.


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