Daniel King’s Power Play Show: Nepo plays the King’s Gambit


Daniel King takes a look at some of the World Blitz Championship matches, including two fascinating King’s Gambits played by Ian Nepomniachtchi. He faced two variations that have a great reputation for blacks and defeated them with some tricky ideas.

He also looks back on a brilliant match between Levon Aronian and Jan-Krzysztof Duda, in which the former sacrificed his queen!

White threatens the winning material. How did Aronian skillfully cope with his difficulties?

You can first try your hand at the mate problem in the following 2!

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Daniel King is the prolific author of the Power Play series which has 28 volumes to date. The Tactic Turbo for the King’s Gambit is the subject of his latest DVD.

Here is a teaser:

Power Play 28: Tactic Toolbox King’s Gambit

Daniel King presents 50 puzzle positions in video format, all from King’s Gambit. They feature typical tactics right on the open, so this is a great way to familiarize yourself with any tricks and traps you can lay down on your opponent.



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