Displaced people from Cabo Delgado said it was premature to return home


As Rwandan troops liberate several areas in northern Mozambique, Mocímboa da Praia administrator Assuate Falume called on the population to be patient as they prepare to return home.

Falume, who was part of a provincial government delegation that visited the destroyed village of Mocímboa da Praia yesterday, advised the population to remain calm and control the urge to return home, allegedly because the defense forces and security officials continue to persecute terrorists. .

“We advise you to calm down. We, as the government, will signal when people can begin to return. For now, we consider it premature, ”he said.

During the occupation of the coastal village about a year ago, terrorists destroyed virtually all public infrastructure, including schools, commercial establishments, the district hospital, warehouses and private residences, leaving Mocímboa da Praia in ruins.

Meanwhile, the president of the Mocímboa da Praia City Council, Chea Momba, who was part of the delegation, made a very preliminary assessment of the damage caused by the terrorists, indicating that at least 500 million meticais (7,852,991 $ U) are necessary for the rehabilitation of infrastructure.

Valigy Tauabo, provincial governor, was a little more cautious, saying that a team will soon be appointed to assess the damage caused by the terrorists during their stay in the village.

Meanwhile, the Defense and Security Forces, in collaboration with the Rwandan army which, less than a week ago, freed Mocímboa da Praia from terrorists, continue to work to “clean up” the host village. , disabling the hot spots of the presence of terrorists.

Army Commander Cristóvao Chume announced at the time that at least 33 bodies of terrorists had been counted among the enemy casualties. The source clarified that on the side of the joint troops of Mozambique and Rwanda there is no human damage to be recorded.

“So far the port village of Mocimboa da Praia is calm and the joint forces have positioned themselves on possible lines of flight to prevent the terrorists who remain in the village from escaping,” he said. .


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