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Strict controls are on the horizon and something has gone wrong when supermarkets fear they have inventory on the shelves. Red tape should not be allowed to strangle trade, especially when there is an urgent need to revive the UK economy in the wake of the pandemic.

The EU is adamant that goods that do not meet its standards should not enter the single market.

With common sense and goodwill a way can be found to protect the integrity of this market without impeding the free movement of goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

As Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis noted, the protocol “just doesn’t work”.

The UK government is not proposing to abolish the protocol but to correct it, and the EU should wholeheartedly join in this effort; suppliers from England, Wales and Scotland are also expected to commit to continuing to sell goods to Northern Ireland.

Above all, Brussels should not seek to punish the UK for voting for Brexit by disrupting normal life in Northern Ireland.

He may have a hard time understanding the sensitivities surrounding this issue, but it would be unforgivable if the Eurocrats jeopardized the peace in the province.

Keep key workers at work

Shortages in supermarkets are the latest sign that ‘pingemia’ is affecting daily life in the UK.

The consequences of thousands of people having to isolate themselves are seen across the country. A shortage of delivery drivers is also reported and stores are hiring temporary staff to keep the doors open.

It is essential that the country does not let down its guard against Covid-19, but authorities should consider whether better access to daily testing would allow more key workers in the country to stay in their posts.

The last thing Britain needs is panic-triggered storage.

Support the necessities of life

The kindness of strangers is powerful and beautiful and should be celebrated.

Eight-year-old Sianna Tully wrote a Father’s Day letter to her late father, posting it on “Heaven, Cloud Nine”.

An 89-year-old Daily Express reader who lost his wife last May delighted the girl by sending her a Steiff bear.

Such compassion, generosity, empathy and spontaneity bring joy and comfort to families every day.

Kindness may be an underestimated virtue, but it is one of the most valuable.


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