Girls win regional title, 10 Bulldogs advance to state


MOSCOW – The Sandpoint swim team saw 10 athletes punch their tickets to declare Saturday at the 4A Region 1 Championships.

The girls edged Lakeland by nine points to win the regional title, while the boys finished third as a team.

Five individuals and one relay qualified for the state on the girls’ side and four boys obtained individual places for the state. The Bulldogs have won eight individual regional titles.

The first two in each individual event and the best regional relays obtained automatic places to declare. Berths are still available for the next four fastest individual times recorded across the state and the next two fastest relays. These will be announced by the Idaho High School Activities Association on Monday.

“We had some good races,” said head coach Greg Jackson. “It was scary with what we did with the relays and the way we stacked our relays for peak performance at the state level.”

Unsurprisingly, rookie Ryleigh Bamer clinched two regional titles in the 50-yard freestyle and 100 butterfly. She dominated both events throughout the season and swam personal bests in each on Saturday.

“I told her she’s doing a lot because she’s shorter than everyone else,” Jackson joked of Bamer.

The Bulldogs swept the top three spots in the girls’ 500 freestyle and 200 freestyle. Junior Emily Ballard took first place in both, rookie Ava de Leeuw was second in both and junior captain Ayiana Prevost was third in each event. Ballard’s time of 5: 51.57 in the 500 freestyle was a new regional competition record. Prevost narrowly missed the automatic offers, but Jackson expects her to receive blanket offers to declare in both.

Junior Maren Davidson won the regional title in the 100 freestyle.

“An incredible swim for Maren in the 100 freestyle,” said Jackson.

McKinley Jensen was second in the 200 IM to earn a place to declare. She was also third in the 100 backstroke.

Ballard, de Leeuw, Prevost and Bamer led the girls to the dominant first place in the 400 freestyle relay. The Bulldogs hit the wall more than 40 seconds ahead of second-placed Lakeland to set a new regional competition record.

“In our last stint. we’ve passed them, ”Jackson said. “This relay, I believe, is a state championship relay.”

The girls finished second in the 200 IM and 200 free relay.

This is Jackson’s fourth year as a head coach and every season the girls have won the regional title. He said it was a special accomplishment the girls deserved through their dedication.

“They did the job and they deserved it,” Jackson said. “They continue to build themselves, especially the juniors; their energy and the way they take care of each other and their teammates is amazing to watch, and I’m really proud of their commitment to that.

The eight boys from Sandpoint finished 23 points behind Lakeland, second and 50 behind regional champion Moscow.

“Lakeland has just a little more depth than us on the boys’ side and they were able to outdo us,” Jackson said, “… but I’m happy with all of the boys.”

Senior Jack Grzincic won the regional title in the 200 IM and placed second in the 100 butterfly. Freshman Max Zuberbuhler won a regional title in the 500 freestyle.

Senior Hayden Leavitt won first place in the 100 freestyle and second in the 50 freestyle, while junior captain Caleb Norling won two spots to declare, placing second in the 100 freestyle and 200 freestyle.

Sandpoint started declining last week in preparation for the state meet, so Leavitt, Norling and Grzincic didn’t swim their best times at the regionals, but Jackson said it was a good sign for the state.

“From my perspective, they’re on the right track halfway through a cone,” he said. “They are right about their best times and are giving them another week off and they should see some benefit.”

The boys finished second in all three relays, missing the automatic bidding. However, Jackson is hopeful the Bulldogs receive blanket offers and sophomores Luc LeBlanc, Lon LeBlanc and Harrison Gedde get a chance to be on the bus to declare.

“I’m still waiting to see what these general offers for the relays look like,” he said, “and how they officially play out because it’s really, really tight, at least on the boys’ side, in the three relays. “

The Bulldogs are now waiting to see how the general offerings play out before heading to the YMCA in Boise on Friday and Saturday for the 4A State Championships.

In 2019, the Sandpoint girls won their state title at the IHSAA, and Jackson said they were up for another one this week.

“We’re certainly not giving up another chance for a state title,” Jackson said. “We’re going to have work to do, but we have our eyes on it. “

Check out Tuesday’s paper for an update on state qualifiers in general.

4A Region 1 Championships

Sandpoint automatic status qualifiers in fat


TEAM POINTS – 1, Moscow 161. 2, Lakeland 134. 3, Sand point 111. 4, Wallace 29.

(First two individuals, winning relay to the state; general offers available)

200-yard QN Relay – 1, Moscow (Ian Schlater, Ethan Baird, Reid Johnson, Lucas Zimmer), 1: 46.13. 2, Sandpoint (Caleb Norling, Luc LeBlanc, Jack Grzincic, Hayden Leavitt), 1: 54.61.

200 freestyle – 1, Reid Johnson, Moscow, 1: 48.44. 2, Caleb Norling, Sandpoint, 1: 52.01. 3, Logan Harris, Lakeland, 2: 02.47.

200 individual IM – 1, Jack Grzincic, Sandpoint, 2: 14.70. 2, Ian Schlater, Moscow, 2: 15.03. 3, Malachi McMillian, Moscow, 2: 24.40.

50 freestyle – 1, Micah Wolbrecht, Moscow, 22.05. 2, Hayden Leavitt, Sandpoint, 22.74. 3, Lucas Zimmer, Moscow, 25.50.

100 butterfly – 1, Reid Johnson, Moscow, 53.76. 2, Jack Grzincic, Sandpoint, 1:45 p.m. 3, Ethan Abbott, Lakeland, 1: 07.74.

100 freestyle – 1, Hayden Leavitt, Sandpoint, 50.29. 2, Caleb Norling, Sandpoint, 50.33. 3, Ethan Baird, Moscow, 50.89.

500 freestyle – 1, Max Zuberbuhler, Sandpoint, 6: 17.50. 2, Elijah Johnson, Moscow, 6: 18.11. 3, Elijah Minix, Lakeland, 6: 33.77.

200 Freestyle Relay – 1, Moscow (Micah Wolbrecht, Ian Schlater, Malachi McMillian, Lucas Zimmer), 1: 38.14. 2, Sandpoint (Max Zuberbuhler, Lon LeBlanc, Jack Grzincic, Hayden Leavitt), 1: 42.08.

100m backstroke – 1, Ian Schlater, Moscow, 58.53. 2, Ethan Baird, Moscow, 59.61. 3, Lincoln Wood, Lakeland, 1: 14.82.

100 breaststroke – 1, Micah Wolbrecht, Moscow, 1: 04.11. 2, Malachi McMillian, Moscow, 1: 15.10. 3, Ethan Harrell, Lakeland, 1: 15.37.

400 Freestyle Relay – 1, Moscow (Reid Johnson, Ethan Baird, Lucas Zimmer, Micah Wolbrecht), 3: 31.32. 2, Sandpoint (Harrison Gedde, Lon LeBlanc, Max Zuberbuhler, Caleb Norling), 3: 52.77.


TEAM POINTS – 1, Sand point 155. 2, Lakeland 146. 3, Moscow 112. 4, Timberlake 7.5, Wallace 5.

(First two individuals, winning relays to be declared; general offers available)

200-yard medley relay – 1, Moscow (Brenna Newlan, Megan Crossland, Mia Elliss, Hannah Hoesman), 2: 06.45. 2, Sandpoint (McKinley Jensen, Ayiana Prevost, Ryleigh Bamer, Maren Davidson), 2: 09.29.

200 freestyle – 1, Emily Ballard, Sandpoint, 2: 07.38. 2, Ava de Leeuw, Sandpoint, 2: 12.28. 3, Ayiana Prevost, Sandpoint, 2: 12.97.

200 Individual IM – 1, Megan Crossland, Moscow, 2: 30.12. 2, McKinley Jensen, Sandpoint, 2: 52.23. 3, Addy Hobbs, Lakeland, 2: 56.25.

50 freestyle – 1, Ryleigh Bamer, Sandpoint, 26.61. 2, Sydney Garrity, Lakeland, 27.73. 3, Avery Sabatke, Lakeland, 29.21.

100 butterfly – 1, Ryleigh Bamer, Sandpoint, 1: 05.75. 2, Mia Elliss, Moscow, 1:10. 3, Sarah Smith, Lakeland, 1: 18.51.

100 freestyle – 1, Maren Davidson, Sandpoint, 1: 04.44. 2, Maddie Hunter, Timberlake, 1: 04.62. 3, Hannah Hoesman, Moscow, 1: 09.06.

500 freestyle – 1, Emily Ballard, Sandpoint, 5: 51.57. 2, Ava de Leeuw, Sandpoint, 5: 56.51. 3, Ayiana Prevost, Sandpoint, 6: 02.26.

200 Freestyle Relays – 1, Lakeland (Annika Olson, Sydney Garrity, Avery Sabatke, Sarah Smith), 1: 52.42. 2, Sandpoint (Maren Davidson, McKinley Jensen, Ava de Leeuw, Emily Ballard), 1: 54.01.

100m backstroke – 1, Brenna Newlan, Moscow, 1: 12.53. 2, Mia Elliss, Moscow, 1: 12.93. 3, McKinley Jensen, Sandpoint, 1: 14.37.

100 breaststroke – 1, Annika Olson, Lakeland, 1: 13.23. 2, Megan Crossland, Moscow, 1: 17.67. 3, Sydney Garrity, Lakeland, 1: 19.10.

400 freestyle relay – 1, Sandpoint (Emily Ballard, Ava de Leeuw, Ayiana Prevost, Ryleigh Bamer), 4: 01.06. 2, Lakeland, 4: 41.96.











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