Hyper Inu opens presale for Golden members


Novosibirsk, Russia – (Newsfile Corp. – November 17, 2021) – Hyper Inu is a blockchain smart contract based on the Binance BEP-20 protocol and has announced the opening of its third presale for Golden members. Presale is open until November 22, and Golden members can purchase the native token at a discounted price that is expected to reach new highs after registration. The details of the Golden Member presale have been listed below

  • Presale price – $ 0.00000006
  • Registration price – $ 0.0000003
  • Announcement on HotBit & P2PB2P – December 13, 2021
  • Start date – Nov 16, 21
  • End date – November 22, 21

Figure 1: Hyper Inu opens presale for Golden members, here’s everything you need to know

Hyper Inu will build the entire ecosystem within a single Hyper framework. Under this ecosystem, it will build a revolution Hyper Gaming Platform which will allow users to play and win at the same time. This platform will have multiplayer PvP battle game, farm game, real time strategy game, puzzle game and many more. NFT games have become very popular as a result of the NFT frenzy of this bullish season. The ecosystem has also grown rapidly with increasing popularity. Currently, the NFT games up for grabs are the craze that combines the best of the NFT ecosystem with the gaming industry, Users can play games to earn native tokens and rare NFTs which can then be redeemed on real world or conserved stock exchanges to earn profit or passive income.

Hyper Inu aims to integrate the best of current trends, be it Challenge, meme tokens or NFT, the Hper platform has brought them all together under one umbrella to become the all-in-one ecosystem. The all-in-one ecosystem boasts a lot, including,

  • Hyper-exchange will allow traders to exchange their BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens / coins for one another while maintaining full custody of their tokens / coins.
  • Hyper CEX will be a centralized cryptocurrency exchange with a Launchpad and a staking mechanism.
  • Hyper wallet is a safe and secure decentralized wallet that supports Ethereum and Binance Mainnet tokens as well as Testnet tokens. Users can easily store their precious tokens / coins.

How to buy a Hyper Inu (HPE) token

Hyper Ecosystem’s native HPE token would act as the ecosystem’s fuel and governance token. Being built on Binance Smart Chain with smart contract support would allow HPE to become not only a governance token, but also an easy-to-deal token with cheap gas fees. The token is currently available at a discounted price ahead of a major announcement that may pull its price. Looking at the current bull market where meme tokens, NFT tokens, and DEfi protocols have reached new highs, the Hyper ecosystem that incorporates all three above would certainly have the potential to get big in today’s market. Let’s see how to buy the HPE token in a few simple steps.

Users will need to keep Smart Chain BNB in ​​their wallet to purchase HPE

Link to the site: https://hyperinu.com/

For Trust Wallet users

  • Open DApp browser, copy and paste the above mentioned link into the search bar
  • Click the Buy Now button on the website
  • Connect your wallet
  • Fill in the BNB Smart Chain value you want to buy
  • Tap Buy Now

Metamask users ensure that you have added the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. Otherwise, follow the steps below to add:

1. Open the Settings window in Metamask
2. Click> Network
3. Click> Add network
4. Fill in the details mentioned in the picture
5. Click> Save
6. You have successfully added the network
7. Select the added network from the network list post, open the browser window in Metamask, follow the steps mentioned for Trust Wallet users.

The Hyper Inu listing on HotBit and P2PB2B is confirmed on December 13, 2021 and a listing on Latoken is also in progress. The company is currently running presales for various members of the group while also hosting an IEO on p2pb2b and a similar IEO would launch on LAtoken on November 16.

Hyper Inu offers a deflationary token

The hyper Inu project tried to integrate the best of each world with an emphasis on security and ease of transactions. The native token has also been made deflationary quite similar to the parent chain’s native Binance Coin (BNB) token. Deflation would lead to the burning of the circulating supply from time to time to ensure that the value of the existing supply increases. This works especially with crypto tokens with large funding limits. Hyper Inu with a supply cap of $ 75 trillion also falls into the category, so it would incorporate token burning.

Hyper Inu has already completed the first burn event where it burned a total of 20.25 trillion HPE tokens in the following order,

  • 4.05T HPE – 10.11.2021 (burnt) (details available on website)
  • 4.05T HPE – 11/30/2021
  • 4.05T HPE – 12.20.2021
  • 4.05T HPE – 10.01.2022
  • 4.05T HPE – 01/30/2022

Being a meme themed currency, Hyper Inu is also community centric and all key decisions regarding the project would be decided by these community members. However, Hyper Inu would incorporate a more organized way rather than a Twitter poll of sorts. The HPE token that would be the governance token and its holders could vote on important decision-making processes. Insiders also claim that Hyper Inu could find its way to Binance very soon, which could help its price increase several times.

To learn more about Hyper Inu, visit Hyperinu.com

Social connections :

Telegram: https://t.me/hyper_inu_official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/inu_hyper
White paper: https://bit.ly/3GX6ppk
Audit report: https://bit.ly/3oldDeu

Media contact:

Contact person: Adrik
Company name: Hyper Inu
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://hyperinu.com/

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