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PATNA: The state’s three main left-wing parties did not charitably accept former IPC national executive member Kanhaiya Kumar joining Congress in Delhi on Tuesday. Their dominant view is that this is a “temporary jhatka” (shock and setback) for them, but rather a “loss of face” for the CPI which had invested so much to create an icon of the youth within the left.
Kanhaiya lost the 2019 legislative elections to BJP pillar Giriraj Singh for the Begusarai seat. In fact, he was third, with RJD candidate Tanveer Hassan coming in second because there was no alliance between the CPI and the RJD in the Lok Sabha elections. Given that Begusarai was his home district and the city was even known as Leningrad of Bihar, it turned out to be a shock defeat for Kanhaiya and made him feel disillusioned with the CPI.
Noting that it was “personal ambition and understanding of the situation” that drove Kanhaiya to join Congress, left-wing leaders also said, “In communist parties, individuals are important, but the party is at the core. above the individual. Therefore, in the long run, the party will not be damaged. Because Kanhaiya is not the first from the left to join Congress, nor any other party. The saving grace is that he did not join the BJP.
Ram Babu Kumar of the CPI felt somewhat relieved, as he put it, “Now, even being in Congress, he will be on the same ideological page as the left parties on issues of various national issues.” The opinion among left-wing parties was also that Congress should not poach on the left or other parties, if it was keen to build a larger anti-BJP alliance.
The opinion of a cross-section of the left was also that the CPI had given Kanhaiya everything he had, because he was projecting him on the national stage.
“CPI had invested so much in him because he was young, articulate and also made an instant connection with young people. He had become an icon of youth, which was new to the left, ”said a leftist leader. “But Kanhaiya has shown a lack of commitment. Those among the young people outside of the left, who saw him as an icon, might be disillusioned. This is the problem he created by changing his ideological position, but the party will remain intact and could even expand after making a more realistic assessment, ”he added.


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