Malian President and Prime Minister arrested


Besieged terrorist Paul Rusesabagina can be sentenced to life imprisonment if the court accepts a request from the prosecution.

Rusesabagina is fighting nine counts, including terrorism, terrorist financing, recruitment of child soldiers, kidnapping, arson and the formation of terrorist groups.

According to current information, Rusesabagina has been convicted of all charges which collectively earn him 170 years in prison.

However, under Rwandan law, the court would opt for the highest sentence in Rusesabagina’s situation and that would be a life sentence.

Rusesabagina crimes

With reference to Rwanda’s prosecutions, Rusesabagina is accused of having created and is part of an irregular armed group, of financing terrorism, of terrorist activities for political ends, of conspiracy to commit terrorist activities, of having sponsored terrorist acts and being part of a terrorist group.

He also fought against the charge of conspiring and encouraging others to join a terrorist group, murder conspiracy, kidnapping conspiracy, armed robbery, arson conspiracy, assault conspiracy. serious and conspiracy to recruit children into an armed group.

All of these criminal charges can only lead Rusesabagina to a life sentence as the highest punishment for the gravity of his crimes.

For decades, Rusesabagina had escaped the long arm of the law as he enjoyed protection in Europe and the United States where his adulterated 1994 story inspired a Holly Wood Hotel Rwanda film.

Rusesabagina, who for a long time enjoyed the status of a gendered hero thanks to Hotel Rwanda Movie, founded the “National Liberation Forces (FLN)”, an armed terrorist organization under his Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD).

Last year, in August, Rusesabagina was arrested and eventually produced in front of local and international media.

The Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) said that Rusesabagina, a high-profile capture, was stopped “thanks to international cooperation”.

However, the manner and process of Rusesabagina’s arrest has sparked much debate around the world, but Rwanda finds no problem there.

President Paul Kagame, who recently spoke to Radio France Internationale, was tasked with explaining the mysterious arrest of Rusesabagina.

“What’s wrong with fooling a criminal you’re looking for?” When you take it, where do you put it? If he’s in court, that’s okay, ”Kagame said, adding that he had not been hiding somewhere.

The United States, the European Union and the UN have always claimed that Rusesabagina will not get a fair trial in Rwanda, but President Kagame has an answer.

“I want to see a fair trial myself. Why do you think being fair belongs to Europe or the United States or anyone, not us? Kagame asked.

“It’s like the only thing to be fair in Rwanda or Africa has to be overseen by the United States or some other place. No. Absolutely not, ”he added.


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