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Moscow Brewing Company

MOSCOW – Aaron Hart, owner of the Moscow Brewing Company, and his brewing dog Kip bring their passion for helping community members and their love for brewing beer to the historic Moscow brewery.

At the turn of the last century, the original Moscow brewery was built, making it Moscow’s first brewery. Eventually, the building burned down in 1907 due to arson. The Moscow Brewing Company started in a new building in 2012. The original owners decided to take a different direction around 2016 and Hart decided to take over.

Hart has always had a passion for brewing beer. From 2007 he made his first beer as a homemade Christmas present. Slowly it became a passion, when the opportunity to take over ownership of Moscow Brewing Company presented itself, he jumped at the chance.

“I didn’t know how to do anything and my dad did homebrewing so I thought that would be a good present,” Hart said. “We trace our history back to the Moscow brewery at least by name and I loved making beer here.”

The Moscow Brewing Company mainly uses local ingredients and hops from Idaho. Barley and wheat, for example, Hart enjoys sourcing from hyper-local farmers in Steptoe, WA. Their revolving card gives Heart the opportunity to put their creativity into their beers and cultivate new creations.

“I try to keep our beers as Idaho specific as possible,” Hart said. “We buy 50/50 hops between Idaho and Washington. Our pale ale contains Gooding Farms Idaho hops and 80% of our beers contain Idaho-grown base malts ”.

As the beer lovers of the Moscow Brewing Company grow up, their space becomes little by little. So Hart begins construction to expand into the building next to his own. They will add around 600 square feet of table space, bar space, and even a kitchen.

Hart plans to add flatbreads and panini-style sandwiches to his menu at the co-op bakery next door as well as the smoked meat store. In addition, an iconic pretzel with beer cheese will be highlighted.

Events are another unique aspect Hart brought to the Moscow Brewing Company. In October, he was one of the people who created the Mosctober Brewfest on Main Street, and on January 22, they will help organize the Moscow Winterfest, and the ’80s ski-themed Brewfest also located on Main Street. Moscow Brewing Company hosts events with local nonprofits, local farmers, and more.

“We’re a community-driven brewery,” Hart said. “We first support the community. This summer we had an outdoor cafe at the local farmers market at the Latah County Fairgrounds. This gives us the opportunity to help local musical artists and small businesses ”.

To find out more about Moscow Brewing Company and its events, visit their Instagram @MoscowBrewing



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