Moscow expects Canberra to meet its obligations as a nuclear-free country – diplomat – Russian Politics & Diplomacy


MOSCOW, September 16. / TASS /. Moscow expects Canberra, being a nuclear-free country, to continue to comply with its obligations, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

“We have drawn attention to the plans released by Canberra as part of the United States, Australia and United Kingdom’s (AUUKUS) New Trilateral Security Initiative. We believe that being a nuclear-free country and a staunch participant in the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Canberra will comply with its obligations and under its safeguards agreement with the IAEA and its additional protocol.We hope that Canberra will ensure the necessary cooperation with the agency [IAEA — TASS] in order to exclude any risk of non-proliferation, ”Zakharova added.

On September 16, the UK, US and Australia announced the creation of a New Security Initiative (AUUKUS). As part of the deal, Canberra plans to build at least 8 nuclear submarines, the first of which will enter service in 2036, and to re-equip its armed forces with US cruise missiles using US and UK technology. For this reason, Canberra ended the biggest defense contract in its history with France. The decision has already been called a “stab in the back”. Beijing warned that the creation of AUUKUS would exacerbate the arms race and called on alliance members to abandon “cold war era mentality” and “narrow geopolitical concepts”.


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