Moscow metro to introduce Face Pay


The Moscow Metro has reduced the queues for tickets by 3.3 times in 10 years, reports the city’s Transportation Department.

The average time spent in the queue now stands at 1.5 minutes compared to 5 minutes in 2010. The main reason is the growing popularity of contactless and remote payments.

Moscow is the world leader in the number of tariff payment methods. We are constantly working on improving the ticketing system, updating equipment, launching new services in the Moscow Metro mobile application. As a result, the number of contactless and remote payments has increased. In 2021, the share of non-monetary purchases at metro counters was already 50%. By way of comparison, in pre-pandemic 2019, only 35% of purchases at the checkout were cashless. By the end of the year, we will be launching additional contactless payment methods for travel – the virtual Troika card and Face Pay – Moscow deputy mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov.

The Moscow Transport Ministry also stresses that the facial recognition system launched in Metro will improve the assessment of congestion on trains. The authority adds that the system is already helping to find lost people and wanted criminals, and by the end of 2021, the Moscow Metro will launch the Face Pay service for passengers.

In order to improve the system, an evaluation of the quality of the algorithm has been introduced. For now, three of these algorithms are used for biometric identification: VisionLabs, Ntechlab and Tevian, all of Russian manufacture. According to the second quarter 2021 results, VisionLabs showed the best quality, followed by Tevian.

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