Moscow: NATO’s non-expansion will be at the heart of discussions with the West on security guarantees


Moscow considers the issue of NATO’s non-expansion to be the key issue in talks with the West on security guarantees, according to statements by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zajárova on the official website of the Chancellery.

“In the United States and in several Western countries, there have been statements that in the discussions that will follow in the near future on the Russian proposal to develop legal guarantees of security, the issue of non-expansion of the NATO will not be examined, ”reads the press release from the representative of the Russian Chancellery.

“In this sense, we stress that the non-expansion of NATO and the non-emergence of weapons systems that threaten our security at the Russian borders are the main and key issues of the forthcoming negotiations with the United States and the NATO. This should be very clear to those who have not yet understood the essence of the Russian position.“, he clarified.

  • Russia presented last week the draft of two agreements it wants to conclude with the United States and NATO on security guarantees. Among the established approaches, Moscow is calling for the Alliance to cease its eastward expansion and for Ukraine not to join, a point on which the two sides have opposing views.
  • On Tuesday, President Putin said he was very concerned about the build-up of military groups of the United States and NATO in close proximity to Russia’s borders, as well as by conducting large-scale exercises, even unplanned ones.

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