Moscow ready to work to reach GERD agreement between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia (Ambassador)


DOSSIER – Russian Ambassador in Cairo Georgiy Borisenko

CAIRO – August 6, 2021: Russian Ambassador to Cairo Georgiy Borisenko affirmed his country’s willingness to work with Addis Ababa to reach a mutually acceptable agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) dispute with Egypt and Sudan.

“We are ready to contribute to this effort, in particular by working with Addis Ababa to reach a mutually acceptable agreement at the negotiating table,” he said.

Borisenko said his country recognizes the GERD problem facing Egypt as a “truly existential problem” for the Egyptian state.

“Of course, we see how the challenge for Egypt is to ensure water security. This is a truly existential problem for a country where Neil (the Nile) has remained the only source of fresh water for millennia and today supports a population of over 100 million people, ”he said. Borisenki said, according to a statement released on the Russian Embassy in Cairo.

“Therefore, we understand the concerns of Egyptian friends over the construction of the ‘Revival’ dam on Ethiopian territory,” he said.

“Russia has always pleaded and continues to plead for a fair settlement of the dispute over this construction while fully taking into account the interests of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia,” the statement added.

“We are convinced that compromise solutions can and must be found between neighbors which will allow the three States to implement national development programs in an atmosphere of good neighborliness, peace and stability,” the envoy added.

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