Moscow was not ‘engulfed in flames’


Russian forces have suffered heavy casualties in Ukraine as they continue their invasion of the country, but Moscow is not experiencing similar fighting, as a recent Facebook post suggests.

“GIANT EXPLOSION IN RUSSIA,” reads the July 6 post. “The capital Moscow was engulfed in flames. A military equipment factory exploded.”

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The video from the Facebook post mentions a fire at a factory in Odintsovo, a town about 20 miles from Moscow.

The British tabloid Daily Express said in a June 15 article that a “fire was raging and thick black clouds were rising in the sky at a factory in Odintsovo”. Ukrainian media reported that the building was a “paint and varnish factory”, not a military equipment factory, according to the Express.

A week earlier, according to Euro Weekly News, another factory about 40 miles north of Moscow that produces Russian military hardware was on fire.


In April, The Washington Post reported that a series of unexplained fires and explosions in Russia had raised suspicions that some may have been caused by sabotage or Ukrainian attacks.

But the claim that Moscow was engulfed in flames is false. According to reports, there were two separate fires at factories outside Moscow.

The message that Moscow was “‘engulfed in flames'” is false. We mark it False.


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