Norway’s military readiness boost unprecedented, Moscow says – Reuters


“It would not concern us, but there is one important detail – such an unprecedented step is justified, as it is not difficult to guess, by the actions of Russia, which” led to the military-political situation the most serious in Europe “. No, it was not our actions that led to this, it was your actions. You are the collective West… It is you who have destabilized the situation on the European continent” , Zakharova said at a press briefing, commenting on Oslo’s actions, Sputnik reported.

The spokeswoman noted that the Russian side will respond to any hostile action by the Norwegian side.

“The escalation of the threat from the East, the denigration of our country by attributing things to it that it does not do, is once again being used by the Norwegian authorities to mask their own aspirations regarding military preparations. .. We regard this development of events near the Russian borders as Oslo’s conscious adherence to a destructive course to escalate tensions in the Euro-Arctic region… Russia is always open to honest and mutually respectful dialogue, but any Hostile action will be followed by a timely and adequate response,” Zakharova said.

The Norwegian government has decided to boost the combat readiness of the kingdom’s armed forces from November 1 amid the conflict in Ukraine, Norwegian Armed Forces chief Eirik Kristoffersen said on Monday.


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