PHL Ambassador to Moscow Presents Credentials to Putin


The PHILIPPINE Ambassador to Moscow, Igor Bailen, was finally able to present his diplomatic credentials to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Philippine Embassy in Russia said Bailen, along with 23 other newly appointed ambassadors, presented their credentials to Putin during a ceremony in the St. Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Ambassador Bailen arrived in Moscow just days after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. He was only able to present his credentials to Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov at the Foreign Ministry on March 17.

Igor Bailen

Presentation of credentials is a diplomatic practice whereby the head of a sending state sends an official diplomatic notification to the host head of state, asking the latter to give credence to the ambassador’s claim to speak to the name of his country. It is only when the head of state accepts the letter that the ambassador-designate begins his term as ambassador.

In a speech, Putin briefly described Russia’s relations with each of the 24 countries represented. On Russian-Philippine relations, he said the story “includes implemented projects” in various fields.

“The conditions are in place to stimulate our exchanges and our cooperation in the fields of energy, space exploration, information technologies, agriculture and tourism. We are willing to work with our partners and hope the new leadership of the Philippines will share this approach,” Putin said.

Other ambassadors who also presented their credentials come from Uruguay, Algeria, Egypt, Mongolia, Portugal, Libya, Mali, New Zealand, Armenia, Colombia, Tanzania, Moldova, Serbia, Senegal, Cyprus, Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Kuwait, Nepal, Belarus, South Korea South and Venezuela.

“Radical transformation”

“You are working at a time when a radical transformation of the entire architecture of international relations has accelerated, when the development of a multipolar and more democratic and just world order has entered its active phase,” Putin told the ambassadors. .

The Russian leader stressed that Russia “will not deviate from its sovereign path” by castigating the “world leader” who applied economic sanctions to them.

“This policy also affects innocent states, especially developing and poorer countries. They were the first to suffer from Western restrictions on the supply of Russian energy, food and fertilizer to world markets,” he said.

Putin claimed that Russia had offered to transfer 300,000 tons of Russian fertilizer stuck in European ports “for free”.

“I want to stress this, to countries in need still remains unanswered. Well, it’s understandable that they don’t want to let Russian companies make money, but we want to give it away for free, at least give it away for free to countries in need; but no, nothing is done, no response,” he said.

Putin said that Russia, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, plans to “further promote the unifying interstate agenda, contribute to the search for effective responses to the many challenges and threats of our time and help resolve acute regional conflicts”.


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