PJSC Sberbank: Sber’s Salute TV platform now on Vityaz televisions made in Belarus


A new brand of televisions with Salute TV by Sber, called Vityaz, is now on sale. Belarus-made 50 “and 55” 4K Ultra HD TVs are available at M.Video and Eldorado chain stores for 33,999 RUB and 37,999 RUB, respectively. The TVs are already available for ordering on retailer websites and mobile apps and will hit retail shelves this month. The 65 ”model will also go on sale in October and will be priced at RUB 45,999.

To enjoy all the functions offered by Vityaz televisions with the Salute TV platform on board, you must have an Internet connection.

The device can be controlled using the accompanying remote control or the virtual remote control in the Sber Salute app. In addition, the Salute TV platform is fully adapted for voice control. There are three Salute virtual assistants – Sber, Athena, and Joy – and each user can choose a character that best suits them by their voice and personality because, although they have the same skills, they are unique in communication. Assistants can answer any question, show you the news, tell you what the weather is like outside, give you currency exchange rates, search for something online, control smart lights and outlets. With their help, you can order groceries at home directly from the TV screen [1], and also ask them to make an appointment with a doctor, a beauty salon, or to reserve a table in a restaurant [2]. In this case, the assistant will make a call and send you a notification after successfully completing the task.

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Of course, you can watch classic TV channels using TVs with Salute TV on board – there are over 240 channels in the built-in software, 20 of which are available for free. You can also receive the TV signal via satellite and aerial.

Movies and TV shows can be found in the multimedia collection of the VoD Okko service. Many feature films on televisions with Salute TV are compatible with the Layer function, which uses computer vision, recognizes hero locations, actors, clothing, and finds similar items in partner online stores.

There are over 700 apps in the catalog to suit all tastes – from cooking apps to fitness and games.

Putting any movie, TV channel, radio station or activating an app is very easy, just tell the assistants to do it. Salute TV also has a browser, which is more convenient to use thanks to the trackpad and air mouse mode, which can be activated on the virtual remote control in the Sber Salute app.

The SberPlay cloud gaming service deserves a special mention, allowing you to play thousands of popular titles without a high-performance console or PC. The Sber Salute app has a virtual gamepad, so you don’t need to have a real one. However, almost any Bluetooth controller will do.

Denis Afanasyev, Managing Director, Head of Platforms, SberDevices:

“In addition to TV channels, video and audio services, radio and YouTube, our platform has a browser with a very convenient navigation system – you can use the remote control or a smartphone. The platform allows you to order products directly from the TV screen, manage smart home devices and even play, both regular arcades and full-fledged PC titles. By bringing the SberBox TV streamer to the market, we had already proven that the TV is possible the more ordinary can be significantly expanded. With televisions controlled by the Salute TV OS, all this variety of features will be available to users right out of the box. “

[1] As part of the integration with Samokat’s instant grocery delivery service and to the locations it covers.

[2] As of September 21, 2021, the Duo function is available in Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Tver region, Ryazan region, Kaluga region, Nizhny Novgorod region, Oryol region, Krasnodar Territory, Republic of Adygea, Pskov. Region, Belgorod region, Tula region, Vladimir region, Ivanovo region, Voronezh region, Penza region, Kaliningrad region, Tambov region, Kursk region, Bryansk region, Lipetsk region, Smolensk region , Novgorod region, Yaroslavl region, Kostroma region, Vologda region, Arkhangelsk region, Saratov region, Republic of Tatarstan, Volgograd region, Republic of Karelia, Ulyanovsk region, Rostov region, Samara region and Republic of Kalmykia. SberDevices will notify you of the further expansion of the geographic footprint of the service.

SberDevices is a Sber ecosystem company and a center of expertise for AI-powered solutions in areas such as voice technology, natural language processing, and facial and voice biometrics. Established in May 2019 as a department within Sberbank’s technology unit, the company also focuses on building smart devices for end users and corporate clients.

Salute assistants are the world’s first family of virtual assistants, with each member imbued with their own unique personality, habits and style of communication. Users can choose the character that best suits them. In addition to having a conversation and answering questions, assistants can also order food, make doctor’s appointments, make salon appointments, transfer money, or top up your cell phone. They are available on iOS and Android in the SberBank Online and SberSalute mobile apps, on a number of Sber smart devices, and more. The family of virtual assistants was created by the SberDevices team, which develops solutions based on AI, as well as the design of smart devices.


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