Port Bronka continues talks with Belarusian companies on shipping cargo


Image source: Fenix ​​LLC

Potential locations for the construction of new facilities in the Leningrad region were discussed earlier

Port Bronka is continuing talks with Belarusian companies on shipping cargo, Aleksey Shukletsov, executive director of Fenix ​​LLC (operator of MSCC Bronka), told reporters.

“We need to understand what types of goods they are going to ship. The approval process for certain technologies and commercial services is in progress. We are talking with Belarusian shippers about specific cargo handling issues, but I don’t know what the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation have to build together,” he said.

In March 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the governor of the Leningrad region to provide assistance in the construction of terminals for handling Belarusian cargo. Belarus, which has come up against Lithuania’s decision to stop the transit of Belarusian potash by trains to the port of Klaipeda from February 1, is considering the construction of a terminal in Russia, said earlier Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Freight volumes are estimated at 11-12 million tons. Minsk is counting on the launch of shipments in 2023, with construction expected to be fully completed in 2024. However, the existing ports in the Russian Federation are not enough to handle 12 million tons of cargo. During the talks with the Republic of Belarus, it was suggested to consider the territory of the port of Primorsk as a site for the construction of terminals for handling cargoes from Belarus. Port Bronka would be another potential location for the construction of new facilities.

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