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Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman and oligarch who controls the Wagner Group, presumably enters Russian politics, with the pretense of gaining power. Preliminary reports suggest that Prigozhin is close to registering a radical political party.

Prigozhin began his life and childhood in Leningrad, like most of Putin’s relatives. His adolescence, the difficult age of 15-16, where formed values ​​turn into actions, and where everyone wants to be like adults, ended in a suspended sentence, followed by 12 years in prison. Prigozhin lost his father early. When a stranger with certain skills becomes involved in raising a child (his stepfather was a famous ski coach), the child of this age seeks to avoid communication, to do things his own way and looks for new friends to express himself, as a way to reject the rules imposed on him. That’s why he fell under the influence of criminals and dubious teenagers.

With the experience of incarceration, he knows the psychology of a prisoner well, is an excellent speaker, gives the right priorities and the right arguments, appeals to values ​​that only concern prisoners.

The main psychological characteristics of Prigozhin are sociability, charisma and ambition. He is cunning and superior. He quickly gains confidence, knows how to listen attentively, we can count on him, provided that the tandem is also to his advantage.

Prigozhin belongs to the choleric-blood type of temperament, dominated by choleric. He is sure of himself, demanding of others, impulsive. The accentuation of his character manifests as hyperthymic and hysteroid types, with various strong characteristics of both.

He is socially flexible, quickly adapts to changing circumstances, mainly due to his experience in different social groups, he is a good “chameleon”. He is eager to continually expand his range of interests, activities and communication, with a constant will to action. It is extremely diverse in outward appearances, artistic, shiny and noticeable. He has rich facial expressions, gestures. He is fluent in the language and knows how to hide his intentions and emotions behind a smile. He has many hobbies and interests, and a lot of experience.

His thinking is imaginative, with a strong ability to visualize. He becomes interested in any new business very quickly, but with no clear, quick or achievable result, he finds a range of ways to get there. Those close to Prigozhin, who know him personally, point to his cruel and sometimes rude language which he always uses towards his subordinates and rivals. He learned this behavior at the same school of life in the 80s.

He uses shiny elements and symbolic names to show his personality and strategic thinking. It is essential for Prigozhin to show his importance and success to Putin and the Russians, as he seeks to appear as a promising leader.

His authoritarian management style can be compared to that of Kadyrov, with extremely strict goal setting and no feedback on the results obtained.

He shares Kadyrov’s desire for power, which is closely linked to a series of maneuvers, challenges, threats and actions. His recent statements about the incompetent leaders of the Russian military command addressed to Shoigu, which echo Kadyrov’s previous attacks on ex-commander Lapin, speak of similar ambitions and consolidated positions on the political scene.

Both are aggressive, cruel, with brutal warfare, tainted reputations, and ambition. But if to compare them in terms of psychology, it is obvious that a person showing his aggressiveness and excessive cruelty is only protecting himself. Since the Wagner group was initially linked to the FSB, we can assume that Prigozhin could be affiliated with Russian internal intelligence. But further, Wagner’s engagement with the Department of Defense indicates that Prigozhin could reach somewhere between these centers of influence in Russia, to try to gain his own influence, as one who is equidistant from the main security agencies and as Putin’s personal adviser. This keeps him so far neutral in the Kremlin conflicts. But his marked desire to gain his own influence in Russia is likely to aggravate his conflict with the Ministry of Defense and the “liberal” part of the FSB.

The Prigozhin-Kadyrov partnership ends where their common political interest ends.

Prigozhin’s reputation is the most painful and psychologically vulnerable thing for his personality, as he constantly feels very strained by memories of his criminal past and criminal present.

He has developed psychological complexes, in this contextand cannot hide them behind enrichment or success, because they always come to life and make themselves felt.

He could be easily manipulated, if he uses them.


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