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A meeting of the Inter-Agency Council responsible for the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between St. Petersburg and Gazprom was held today in St. Petersburg by Alexey miller, chairman of the company’s management committee, and Alexander Beglov, governor of St. Petersburg.

The parties reviewed the results of their cooperation during the period 2019-2021 which aimed to provide gas supplies, the implementation of thermal power generation projects and the expansion of the CNG market, as well as the construction of advanced sports facilities and the creation of a comfortable urban environment.

Among other things, Gazprom commissioned the Lagolovo gas distribution station, significantly improving the reliability of gas supply to the Gatchinsky and Lomonosovsky districts of the Leningrad region, the southern and central districts of St. Petersburg and the Yugo-Zapadnaya. CHPP, which has strengthened the operational stability of the city’s energy system. Efforts have been made to modernize the city’s heat supply networks. The number of Gazprom’s gas refueling stations has almost doubled (up to 15 units) and sales of environmentally friendly vehicle fuel have almost doubled.

The company has built three modern sports complexes for ice sports, swimming, athletics, basketball, volleyball, futsal and other sports training, as well as open school stadiums. air and sports fields. Gazprom continued its projects for the overall improvement of the urban environment. Steps have been taken to provide artistic lighting to architectural ensembles, renovate exterior lighting, pave granite sidewalks, install small-scale urban landscape architectures, replace doors and create green spaces. Since 2007, urban development works have covered 80 streets, mini-gardens, embankments and squares in the historic districts of the city.

Alexey Miller and Alexander Beglov signed the Cooperation Agreement for the new triennium 2022-2024.


Alexander Beglov and Alexey Miller at the signing ceremony

In accordance with the Agreement, Gazprom’s core activities will include efforts to further improve the reliability of gas supply to consumers in St. Petersburg, namely the continued renovation of the Serpukhov – Leningrad and Belousovo – gas pipelines. Leningrad.

In order to expand the use of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles, Gazprom plans to build 11 company-owned CNG filling stations. In turn, the city authorities will ensure the purchase of new gas-powered vehicles.

Particular attention will be paid to the development of the city’s heating network. For example, Gazprom plans to build a new hot water boiler at the CHPP power plant in order to increase the reliability of heat supply to consumers in the historic center of Saint Petersburg. The government in St. Petersburg, for its part, will continue to work to reduce consumer debt for the heat supplied.


Alexandre Beglov and Alexey Miller

Another area of ​​cooperation covers urban improvement and the implementation of infrastructure projects of social importance, including Lakhta Center 2. In particular, to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great, the north shore of the Lakhta port will be the subject of an improvement and a commemorative panel. “Peter the Great saves drowning near Lakhta” will be erected. There are plans to create the Poltava Sailboat Cultural and Historical Center, as well as the Eco-Gallery, and to develop the sports, cultural and leisure infrastructure of the coastline of the 300th anniversary park of St. Petersburg. The integrated artistic lighting of the city’s seafront will become the unifying element of the infrastructure being created.

As a member of Gazprom for children program, it is planned, among other things, to build new sports and health centers.

During the meeting of the Inter-Agency Council, an agreement was also signed between Gazprom, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation and the Government of St. Petersburg. The document provides for cooperation in the development of the high-tech industrial potential of St. Petersburg for the benefit of the gas sector.


Gazprom and the government of St. Petersburg sign cooperation contracts within the framework of the cooperation agreement between them. The roadmap of the project to extend the use of high-tech products of Saint-Petersburg enterprises for the benefit of the Company has also been signed between Gazprom and Saint-Petersburg.

As of January 1, 2021, the gas penetration rate in Saint Petersburg was 94.3%. In December 2020, the St. Petersburg gas supply and gas infrastructure expansion program was signed for the five-year period 2021-2025. The planned amount of Gazprom’s investments is 11.247 billion rubles. By 2026, the development of the gas network in St. Petersburg will be completed to the extent technically possible.

In March 2021, Gazprom, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, KAMAZ and the government of St. Petersburg signed an agreement under which the parties will consolidate their efforts to achieve a gradual conversion of road transport and the city’s passenger river. and municipal vehicles running on natural gas.

More than 35 sports facilities, including sports and health centers, have been built in St. Petersburg as part of the Gazprom for children program.

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