Putin says ‘3 dozen’ in inner Kremlin circle had Covid


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that three dozen people around him tested positive for the coronavirus because they did not receive reminders on time.

Fresh out of his two-week self-isolation due to an epidemic around him, Putin was filmed on state television talking to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about high levels of antibodies.

According to state-run news agency RIA Novosti, Putin also said that three dozen people around him – including an assistant he had worked with all day – received their booster shots late and tested positive in result.

The Kremlin has maintained that the 68-year-old leader was in good health throughout his 40s.

Authorities have gone to great lengths to protect Putin – who said he was vaccinated with the local Sputnik V jab but has not released footage of his vaccination – since the start of the pandemic. The Russian president is known for his aversion to germs and his great caution about his health.

Foreign leaders, journalists, officials and Olympic athletes all had to isolate themselves before meeting the longtime Russian leader. During this time, “disinfection tunnelsHave been installed in the Kremlin and at Putin’s residence outside Moscow to protect him from Covid-19.

Russia has struggled to keep the pandemic under control since the surge of the more contagious Delta variant that swept the country during the summer, with slower-than-expected vaccination rates allowing cases to spread and deaths of ” reach pandemic heights.

AFP contributed to the report.


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