Quebec City and Trois-Rivières present a joint bid to host the 2023 WJC


The annual Junior World Championship event is one that always has Canadians on the edge of their seat. From Newfoundland to the Maritimes and Quebec, to the 401 in Ontario, across the Prairies and the Rockies, the annual event has become an annual holiday tradition for most hockey-loving citizens.

The 2022 edition will be held exceptionally from August 9 to 20 this year, in order to catch up with the event previously canceled due to COVID. The tournament will be held exclusively at Rogers Place in Edmonton and older players will be grandfathered into the tournament to make up for the lost event.

As for the 2023 event, it is still scheduled to take place in December as usual, starting on January 26 and ending on January 5, 2023. The event was scheduled to take place in Novosibirsk (Group A) and Omsk (Group B) in La Russia, however, the IIHF revoked Russia’s hosting rights last February in a move condemning the country’s actions against Ukraine.

The IIHF has also suspended Russia and Belarus from international hockey until further notice. Of course, it’s still too early to tell if the suspension will be lifted in time for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan, Italy.

For the 2023 World Junior Championship, Canada is once again in contention to be the host country, having done so in the last 2 tournaments in Alberta. Regina and Saskatoon planned to jointly bid to host the tournament, which they did in 2010.

It now appears that the province of Quebec is throwing its hat in the WJC bid. Quebec and Trois-Rivières are considering bidding as joint tournament hosts. Quebec City has the Videotron Center ready for the NHL while Trois-Rivières would use the Colisée Videotron from the ECHL Lions.

Quebecor must be salivating at the idea of ​​being the main sponsor of the event.

Videotron Center - Wikipedia

According to Matthew Vachon of La Presse, the original plan was to have Quebec City and Ottawa as common cities. For logistical reasons, the plan did not come to fruition.

It would be an incredible blow for the entire province of Quebec. With the recent economic turmoil that we are all experiencing, tourism can definitely enjoy a boom and holding the tournament in Quebec City and Trois-Rivières would also give Montreal a huge tourism boom.

Not to mention that Quebec City will continue to promote its NHL-ready arena and that Trois-Rivières will get a lot of recognition, having recently launched an ECHL team, which is only good news for the population and the game of hockey in general.

The province and Quebec hockey fans would be in for a treat if the bid is successful, as this year’s NHL Draft is also set to take place at the Bell Center in Montreal.

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