Ransomware now the UK’s top cybersecurity threat


Ransomware hackers are now the UK’s biggest cybersecurity threat to the majority of individuals and businesses in the region, Lindy Cameron, Managing Director of the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), said in a word.

“For the vast majority of UK citizens and businesses, and indeed for the vast majority of critical national infrastructure providers and government service providers, the main primary threat is not state actors but cybercriminals,” he said. Cameron said in the speech at the second annual cybersecurity meeting. at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the world’s oldest independent defense and security think tank.

Cameron said that since the NCSC’s inception in 2016, the agency has handled more than 2,000 incidents deemed “important” and eliminated 700,000 online scams in 2020. The agency has been alerted to approximately 80,000 of these. scams due to advice from the British public. .

She called cybersecurity an international concern and “a matter of general national security policy.” Cameron stressed that China, Russia, North Korea and Iran had had a “constant presence” over the past few years and said they remained a “malicious strategic threat”.

“And as I said before, we are facing a determined and aggressive Russia, seeking traditional political advantage through new high-tech means,” she said in the speech.

Ransomware as a service – a business model that sells malware tools and targets online – is a growing threat that has made it easier for cybercriminals at all levels to launch attacks, according to the speech.

the overall loss due to fraud is estimated at $ 12 billion and is a growing problem in B2B payments. PYMNTS B2B Data Digest, Monday, June 14, shows that B2B payment fraud, ransomware and other cyberattack threats are hitting global businesses of all sizes.

Federal agencies have warned ransomware victims not to pay the hacker. In an interview with PYMNTS, Chris Finan, COO of cybersecurity firm ActZero, said it’s critical that businesses use a range of solutions to tackle threats, including cyber insurance.



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