Reopening of the phallic ice rink in the city of Siberia



In what has become a holiday tradition in Russia’s third largest city, a viral penis-shaped ice rink has reopened for the third consecutive year.

Novosibirsk ice skating first went viral when photographer Slava Stepanov posted an aerial photo of the rink’s phallic shape in 2019.

Officials were quick to deny any intention behind the ring shape.

“Honestly, this year and last year the shape of the ice rink was the last thing we thought about,” Novosibirsk mayor Anatoly Lokot said. Recount state news agency RIA Novosti last year.

“We have thought about the space and to maximize the territory that can be occupied by the ice rink so as not to create overcrowding,” he said.

The ice rink has become a popular topic of conversation every holiday season.

Last year, prominent Russian journalist and YouTuber Yury Dud applauded the shape of the rink.

“This is what I understand the power of Siberia!

A song on the rink was also performed on the popular late-night talk show “Evening Urgant”.

A young local woman even has a tattoo of the rink in a gesture of hometown pride. The tattoo shows the ice rink, with a pair of ice skates hanging underneath, surrounded by the words “Thank goodness I’m from Novosibirsk”.



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