Russia forms 3rd Army Corps for war in Ukraine


Russia has ceased to conceal the fact that it is in the process of forming a 3rd army corps which will be deployed in Ukraine, composed of male servicemen aged between 18 and 50 without prior military experience.

This is according to experts from the Institute for the Study of War, reports Ukrinform.

The ISW previously reported that Ukrainian officials believed Russian forces were forming a 15,500-strong 3rd Army Corps in the Western Military District (WMD) based in Mulino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, but had no no official confirmation of his formation. sources.

On August 5, Russian propagandist Sasha Kots announced the recruitment of the “Samara” volunteer battalion in Samara Oblast and noted that the battalion will join the 3rd Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces.

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“The battalion is recruiting males between the ages of 18 and 50 who have completed at least high school, with no prior military experience required,” the report said, adding that Kots’ announcement also indicates that the Kremlin likely plans to compose the 3rd army corps at least partly from volunteer battalions.

Omsk Oblast Governor Aleksandr Butkov announced on August 5 that Omsk Oblast continues to form three volunteer battalions – “Irtysh”, “Avangard” and “Om” – to be deployed in Donbass to provide technical, medical and logistical support.

It should be remembered that Russia formed battalions of “volunteers” in the oblasts of Novosibirsk, Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Kurgan to participate in the war in Ukraine.


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