Russia: hundreds of dead crows fall from the sky; baffled experts


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05 Oct 2021, 23:59

The bizarre incident was reported in the village of Ust-Tarka in Novosibirsk oblast, Russia.

Hundreds of dead crows have been seen falling from the sky in doomsday scenes in the village of Ust-Tarka in Russia’s Novosibirsk oblast.

Experts are baffled by the “strange” phenomenon, as the region reports “several hundred deaths per day”, with black-feathered bodies littering the streets.

Veterinary officials carried out tests to determine the cause of death.

First time I see this: Expert

First time I see this: Expert

Sergei Kuzlaykin, the chief medical officer of the Ust-Tarka veterinary department, said: “This is the first time I have seen this. I am shocked.”

Kuzlaykin has been working as a doctor since 1975.

He suspects the crows were poisoned because other birds and animals were apparently not injured.

“We sent some of the bodies to Novosibirsk to find out what happened,” he added.

A study to help determine the cause of death

“We are most likely talking about poisoning.” Kuzlaykin said, adding: “But what the birds were poisoned with is not yet clear, the results of the study will also help determine.”

Crows may have consumed pesticides, ornithologist says

Crows may have consumed pesticides, ornithologist says

Ornithologist Alexei Yanovsky said if the crows had been poisoned, they might have ingested pesticides.

“In landfills where rats or mice have been poisoned … or [the birds] could be poisoned by moldy grain waste. ”

“It is also possible that the towers were poisoned on purpose,” he said.

Separately, conspiracy theories are also cropping up as rumors emerge of a secret Putin government experiment.

Incident causing anxiety among residents

Incident causing anxiety among residents

Local reports claim that large flocks of birds had flown over the area, but they have since disappeared.

Reportedly, residents are frightened after seeing dead birds falling from the sky. The scenes “caused anxiety among residents,” according to reports.

The incident has also been compared to an apocalypse as some claim the phenomenon marks the beginning of the end of time.

Similar strange phenomena seen earlier in other regions

In particular, this is not the first time that such a strange phenomenon has occurred in Russia.

Earlier in 2013, reports of dead pigeons falling from the sky had also emerged from Russia, which was later called “the pigeon apocalypse”.

Similar incidents have also occurred across the world, including massive deaths of crabs in Kent, doves in Italy and jackdaws in Sweden.


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