Russian Middle East envoy meets Syrian opposition leaders in Moscow


Moscow [Russia], November 8 (ANI / Sputnik): Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Representative of the Presidency for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov met with Qadri Jamil, leader of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation of the Syrian opposition and head of the Moscow platform of the Syrian opposition to discuss the economic and humanitarian situation in Syria, as well as the results of the session of the Intersyrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva, the Russian Ministry of Affairs announced on Monday. foreigners. “During the conversation, a substantial exchange of views took place on the development of the situation in Syria, including its economic and humanitarian aspects,” the ministry said in a statement.

The parties also paid particular attention to the issue of achieving a political settlement in Syria in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 2254. “The results of the 6th session of the Intersyrian Constitutional Committee (CC) in Geneva were discussed in detail. was noted that in order to achieve substantial progress in the work of the CC, efforts to rally the ranks of the opposition on a patriotic basis were necessary ”, added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since 2017, in Nur-Sultan, negotiations known as the Astana Format have been underway, and in January 2018, Sochi hosted a Syrian National Dialogue Congress, which was the first attempt since the start of the conflict to bring together a broad composition of participants. The main outcome of the Congress was the decision to create a Constitutional Commission, which operates in Geneva and whose main task is to prepare for constitutional reform. (ANI / Sputnik)

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