Russians will hold genetic passports by 2025


According to President Vladimir Putin, Russia is not just a country but an exclusive civilization and it must be extremely watched.

President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that Russia is a separate civilization that must be protected by genetics and other advanced technologies.

“Russia is not just a country, it is truly a separate civilization. If we want to preserve this civilization, we must focus on high-level technology and its future development, ”Putin said.

“These new technologies have appeared and they will change the world, they are already changing it,” he added.

Russia should watch the innovations of other countries, Putin said, “but never forget that we have a solid base of our own.”

“Without basic science, research schools and engineers, we would never have had the modern types of high-tech weapons that no other country in the world has, at least for now.”

In 2019, Russia established nine advanced research institutes, including one known as the Innopraktika Foundation near Moscow State University (MSU) established in 2012.

Innopraktika is a conglomerate of MSU National Intellectual Reserve Center and Tikhonova National Foundation for Intellectual Development.

Katerina Tikhonova, 33, President Putin’s presumed youngest daughter, runs this Innopraktika.

Putin says he aims to transform Russia into a world leader in genetic technologies, allocating nearly $ 2 billion for genetic research in 2018.

Meanwhile, Russian energy giant Rosneft is reportedly planning to set up a genetic research center with President Vladimir Putin’s alleged eldest daughter, Maria Vorontsova, an endocrinologist specializing in pediatric growth disorders.

Vorontsova, a specialist in pediatric growth disorders, is believed to be involved in the development of genetic technology in Russia, including the development of a controversial gene-editing technology.

Last year, Rosneft launched a master’s program in genomics and human health at Russia’s top university as part of its partnership with the government, with the first students enrolled in 2020, said Igor Sechin, CEO of the giant. public oil tanker Rosneft.

Putin compared Russia’s genetic technology program to “20th century nuclear and space exploration projects.”

Putin decreed last year that all Russians should be granted “genetic passports” by 2025 as part of the national chemical and biological security strategy.

Scientists said at the time that these “genetic passports” could refer either to genetic markers used to identify individuals or to a detailed list of risks and individual health traits.

Alexander Sergeyev, the director of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that future Russian soldiers will be assigned to service in specific military branches based on their hereditary predispositions detailed in the so-called “genetic passports”.

“The idea is to understand at the genetic level who is most predisposed to serve in the Navy or who might be better suited to become a paratrooper or a tanker,” Sergeyev said, adding: “After all, the war of the future will be big. started a war of intellects, of people who make decisions under conditions very different from those of the past.

The project will also help predict the behavior and capabilities of soldiers under stressful conditions.

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