Russia’s Medvedev says Moscow could revise death penalty moratorium if necessary


Moscow [Russia], March 25 (NNA/Sputnik): Moscow may revise the moratorium on the death penalty in the country if necessary, as there are no longer any international restrictions on the matter after the suspension of Russia’s membership at the Council of Europe, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, told Sputnik. “It’s a very complicated question. It’s the question of worldview, philosophy and morality. You can have different attitudes towards the death penalty. Therefore, there have always been points of Nevertheless, we can say the following now: the reason for several decisions adopted by the [Russian] Constitutional Court was undoubtedly motivated by our country’s participation in Council of Europe conventions. Now these conventions are no longer valid for us,” Medvedev said.

Medvedev added that the moratorium on the death penalty is not directly linked to Russia’s membership of the Council of Europe, however, he said, there are no longer restrictions on the question. “This is a sovereign decision, it really has nothing directly to do with participation in the Council of Europe, although there is undoubtedly an internal link. There is no restrictions now in this sense, but it is a very complex question, which concerns not only the legal component but also the moral component because even the basic canonical sources of the various religions have very different answers to this question. t is the first thing you pay attention to when discussing the topic of the death penalty in any given country,” says Medvedev.

The vice president said Europe abandoned the use of the death penalty some time ago and Russia followed suit. However, the United States, China and several other countries continue to sentence criminals who have committed particularly serious crimes, murder in particular, to death. “The contemporary situation is as follows: the international grounds have disappeared, there are internal legal positions of the Constitutional Court. These legal positions are based on the current legal order, on the current situation of criminality. I suppose that if all is calm, these legal positions the positions can remain as they were. But these legal positions are also not eternal, if something changes in the life of the company, then these legal positions can also be revised”, a added Medvedev.

The president said court rulings are not “sacred scripture”, they can change. He recalled the historical example of the reinstatement of the death penalty in the Soviet Union after an upsurge in violent crime, including murder. Medvedev had earlier said that the suspension of Russia’s membership of the Council of Europe was “a good opportunity to restore a number of important institutions for the prevention of particularly serious crimes in the country, such as the punishment of death for the most dangerous criminals”. Chairman of the Russian Presidential Council for Human Rights Valery Fadeev told Sputnik that the question of reinstating the death penalty in the country could arise in the context of war crimes investigations. (ANI/Sputnik)

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