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President Evariste Ndayishimiye warned health workers against organizing any form of strike and threatened to face such attempts with lethal force.

The Burundian leader issued the warning during the official launch of a marathon overhaul of the Burundian health sector with the aim of improving health care in this very isolated country.

Ndayishimiye inaugurated Saturday, September 11, 2021 the Musigati communal hospital in Bubanza province. It is the first hospital to be inaugurated as part of the program to transform health centers into municipal hospitals.

The Director General of OBUHA (Office Burundais de l’Urbanisme, de l’Habitat et de la Construction) explained to the President that of the first batch of 37 municipal hospitals, 35 have already been completed.

With the transformation of the Musigati health center into a municipal hospital, the OBUHA added two new blocks, a pediatric ward and a hospital ward for adults.

The Ministry of Public Health has assigned two additional doctors, from the commune, with a batch of drugs and medical equipment.

With the transformation of the Mabayi health center into a communal hospital, OBUHA added two new units, a pediatric unit and an adult hospital unit.

During the inauguration of the Musigati communal hospital, First Lady Angeline Ndayishimiye offered gifts to mothers who had just given birth.

After the inauguration of the municipal hospital of Musigati, Ndayishimiye congratulated the population of this municipality for this infrastructure equipped with medical equipment worth 400 million BIF.

He called on the staff to handle this material diligently and to provide quality health care to the people without ever threatening to strike.

President Ndayishimiye called on the population to protect themselves against disease by respecting hygiene rules.

He has declared that he is the leader of the development.

In his strategy to fight against poverty Evariste Ndayishimiye declared that it is necessary to put in place a leadership committed to the service of the people, not corrupt.

“We must promote good governance, education and good health of the population, fight against laziness and mobilize the entire population to work,” he said.

The Head of State affirmed that Burundi has all the assets to get out of poverty. He explained that Burundi has a subsoil rich in minerals, abundant water, fertile land and a smart Burundian people. “Everyone just needs to get to work,” he said.

To fight against unemployment, the Head of State revealed that the government has placed particular emphasis on technical training. Thus, a training center is being built in the province of Karusi. This is where young people can acquire various professional skills that will enable them to compete in the labor market or to create their own jobs.

In his message on the occasion of the inauguration of the Musigati hospital, the Head of State protested against the embezzlement that characterized the construction of the Mpanda hydroelectric dam, whose work was stopped while the State had already spent 50 billion FBu and the hydro-agricultural dam of Kajeke dam whose works were poorly executed.

For the Head of State, the money spent on these two infrastructures must be recovered and returned to the public treasury. For the President of the Republic Evariste Ndayishimiye, the corrupt, the lazy and the thieves of public funds no longer have their place in Burundian society.


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