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Sylivain Sumwiza, 75, resident of Kamonyi district, Musambira sector, Cyambwe cell in Ruvumura village, dreamed of owning a modern house for his wife and two children but did not have the means to realize his vision. Well, Sumwiza can now smile after the Rwanda National Police (RNP) built a house for this vulnerable family, worth 18 million francs.

The fully equipped 3 bedroom house with solar power, kitchen, water tank and toilet was handed over to the couple on Wednesday August 25.

The house was built as part of RNP’s community policing and human security programs to support community development.

“I thank the Rwanda National Police for this house, which is a true reflection of the good governance of our country. We are not the first to benefit from these fruits of good governance, as our police have already built many houses for vulnerable people and there is no doubt that many more will benefit from this community-oriented leadership ”, Sumwiza said.

Upon handing over the house, PC Bruce Munyambo, who represented the RNP leadership, congratulated the residents and local authorities of Kamonyi for the community policing spirit in fighting and preventing crime.

He further thanked them for their contribution to the construction of the modern shelter for Sumwiza and her family.

“This is one of the 30 houses that the Rwanda National Police are currently building in different parts of the country for disadvantaged families as part of the annual Police Month, which mainly focuses on supporting community development through such human security activities. These are the fruits of a partnership that are also evident in the identification of crimes and the reporting of lawlessness, ”said CP Munyambo.

Also in attendance were RNP spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera and Kamonyi Acting Mayor Thadee Tuyizere.

Tuyizere also thanked RNP for being a development partner in Kamonyi.

“This family did not have a place to call at home, and when we contacted the Rwandan national police, they delivered as usual. Sumwiza and her family are among the many families in Kamonyi to whom our police have provided modern shelter and more houses are still under construction, ”Tuyizere said.

According to Tuyizere, the district plans to build at least 650 houses for disadvantaged families during this fiscal year.

Over the years, the RNP has engaged in various law enforcement and human security activities to ensure the responsiveness of everyone in the fight and prevention of crime, improving the well-being of the population and a way to address the root causes of crime.

Police Month held each year is therefore part of RNP’s outreach programs to complement the national development agenda and build a strong partnership with citizens to identify, combat and prevent crime.

During Police Month 2019, RNP also built 30 homes for vulnerable families in different parts of the country.


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