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US President Joe Biden and his Russian Federation counterpart Vladimir Putin traded spades for cyber attacks at a summit in Switzerland yesterday.

the reading out loud from Biden’s post-summit press conference indicates that what the two presidents “… spent a lot of time on was cyber and cybersecurity.”

“I spoke about the proposition that certain critical infrastructures should be closed to attacks – period – by cyber or any other means.”

Biden gave Putin a list of “16 specific entities … defined as critical infrastructure under US policy, from the energy sector to our water systems.” “

The US president also raised the subject of ransomware, telling Putin that “responsible countries must take action against criminals who carry out ransomware activity in their territory.”

that of Russia press conference transcript Putin reports saying that the United States and Russia “have agreed that we will start consultations on this matter”.

“In my opinion, this is extremely important,” Putin said, without providing details.

But Putin’s premise was that the United States is the aggressor that must explain its actions, not Russia.

He mentioned an anonymous US-based source who claims the US is the world’s leading source of cyber attacks. Russia is not on the list, Putin said.

The president added that Russia is accused of ten attacks on American entities, but has sent 45 complaints about attacks of American origin to Washington in 2020 and 35 more so far in 2021.

“We haven’t received a single response so far,” Putin said.

The Russian leader also said his nation could not take any responsibility for the ransomware payment made by Colonial Pipeline.

The two countries described the talks as useful despite obvious tensions.

Only one concrete action emerged from the summit: a Joint Declaration on Strategic Stability who outlined plans to organize a new “strategic stability dialogue” that will attempt to “lay the groundwork for future arms control and risk reduction measures.”

However, this dialogue will focus on kinetic and nuclear weapons. And Biden didn’t echo Putin’s remarks about the cybersecurity “consultation”. ®


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