The boyfriend was raped by a pedophile, who fatally stabbed his girlfriend when she was 15.


Russian student accused of killing “pedophile masseur” The accused is accused of raping his girlfriend, who was only 15 years old.

After learning that Alexander Krizhanovsky had raped his girlfriend three years earlier, Lev Maslennikov (18, a philosophy student) was accused of killing him.

It has been reported that Maslennikov, a masseur who works in St. Petersburg, stabbed Krizhanovsky 45 times. This happened on the same day that Paulina turned 18.

Maslennikov is accused of creating a fake social media account based on his girlfriend. It included pictures of her.

He made it look like he was his girlfriend on the Internet and used this profile to lure Krizhanovsky. “date” He was attacked and killed at the scene.

Police say the victim was stabbed 45 more times.

Maslennikov was taking revenge for the alleged rape of Paulina by Krizhanovsky when she was a minor.

It is not known if Paulina was aware of her boyfriend’s plans to kill Krizhanovsky.

Local media report that Maslennikov and his partner were arrested at St. Petersburg airport as they attempted to leave Russia for Armenia, following the discovery of Krizhanovsky’s body three days earlier.

According to police, he admitted to stabbing the masseur 45 times and stabbing him to death.

Krizhanovsky worked as a masseur in children’s development centers and summer camps.

Maslennikov was the son of Dr Kirill Maslennikov, a well-known Russian astrophysicist.

According to his girlfriend, he had no prior knowledge of the fatal attack on his birthday.

The police classified her as a witness.

According to some information, Krizhanovsky’s body was discovered by a mushroom picker near Vsevolozhsk in the Leningrad region.

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Krizhanovsky was a children’s development center and a summer camp masseur before his death.

The Russian Investigative Committee is a body that investigates serious crimes in the country. “During questioning, the suspect admitted his guilt and explained that the murder had been committed because of hostile personal relations.

“He will be charged shortly.


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