The building in Russia where 18,000 people live, one of the largest “human hives” on the planet


An entire city crammed into one gigantic residential block. It sounds crazy, but if you’re willing to get on a plane, cross Europe and get to the outskirts of St. Petersburg, you can see for yourself that it’s totally doable. There, in Kudrovo, a town just under half an hour by car from the former Russian imperial capital, stands a huge building named Novy Okkervil in which they reside. between 18,000 and 20,000 peopleas much, more or less, than those who live in some Spanish municipalities, such as Baena, Moguer or Lalín and not much less than those you can find, for example, in Calatayud.

The huge building – Russia Beyond details – is a beehive of epic dimensions that adds 3,708 apartments, with 35 entrances and 25 floors. For each floor there are on average between four and six floors and communications are facilitated with four lifts per staircase.

The resort dates back to 2015 and it didn’t take long to gain notoriety. In addition to housing a good handful of neighbours, it has on its spacious and elongated ground floor premises dedicated to companies that have been quick to take an interest in the Novy Okkervil community. Among the businesses that have been established over time are beauty salons, grocery stores, cafeterias, a post office, a stationery store, a private crèche, a pet store, a florist… An authentic city that acts as a “hive Kudrovo” practically an island in the Leningrad region.

“Once I spent six months without leaving the enclosure, since it has everything. I was working from home,” says Ezk0 on the Russian platform Pikabu. “It’s cheap, everything you need is nearby. looking for a job for a fresh start… This kind of place is perfect for that. I know it sounds like a terrible place, but it’s not,” comments another user, Everlast, on Reddit , where the story of the gigantic Novy Okkervil has become popular and aerial views of the entire construction can be seen.If you want to take a look at the interiors, Booking and Airbnb also rent out one of their apartments.

Of course, it is not necessary to live behind the walls of the building. The large number of residents occupying the block has also attracted other businesses and services that have chosen to settle in the surrounding area, where there is also a metro station that allows you to reach Sennaya Square in about half an hour. , in the heart of the almond city of St. Petersburg.

As for prices, Russia Beyond points out that the standard is high for the Kudrovo context: for a renovated one-bedroom apartment, about 19,000 rubles per month, or the equivalent of 217 euros, are charged. Whoever chooses to buy finds, according to the Russian newspaper, two-bedroom houses for 7.5 million rubles, approximately 85,500 euros.

In Pikabu, some additional information is provided, such as the fact that the huge courtyard of the complex serves as a “mega parking lot” for the cars of the thousands of inhabitants of Novy Okkervil, which does not prevent it from being common find some. double parked vehicles.

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