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Fear not, George Grundy actually said ‘back up’ not ‘back up’ (or anything worse) last Friday episode of the Archers (Letters, August 23).
Jeremy Howe
Editor, The Archers

What’s going on seems like an odd song to choose as the best for having sex (“Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath Blew My Mind”: Robert Patrick’s Honest Playlist, August 29). Did Robert Patrick mean let’s go?
Michael Cunningham

Just finished reading Helen Dunmore’s beautiful book, Siege, about a family surviving the siege of Leningrad that began in 1941. Lots of useful advice for the coming winter.
Dr Nigel Morgan
Faversham, Kent

Your editorial (August 28) describes blackberries as “a late August treat.” Not in the northeast, where I grew up. We had to wait until the end of October holidays, still known as Blackberry Week.
Wyn Jeffrey

Naming storms trivializes them (Get ready for Daisy: Met Office reveals list of storm names for 2022-23, September 1). It would be necessary to enumerate them, if only to become aware of their frequency.
Michael Heaton
Warminster, Wiltshire

I had great pleasure in showing my grandchildren how to make a quill pen with a Victorian penknife and a quill pen (Letters, August 31).
Guillaume Heffer

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