The war in Ukraine could reshuffle the cards between Moscow, Beijing and Washington


In 1972, Richard Nixon signed an alliance with Mao Zedong to isolate Leonid Brezhnev. Today, Vladimir Putin dreams of revenge: a league with Xi Jinping at the expense of Joe Biden.

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DFrom August 30 to September 5, China will participate in joint military exercises with Russia on Russian soil. Already last May, the two armies conducted similar exercises along the borders of Japan and South Korea, when US President Joe Biden was in Tokyo, prompting Seoul to withdraw fighter jets as a deterrent.

These maneuvers, which will also be joined by India, Belarus, Mongolia and Tajikistan, according to Moscow, “have nothing to do with the current situation at the regional and international level”: they are aimed at “deeper cooperation” between the two armies. Sino-Russian relations “at a high level”.

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