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Hello everyone and welcome to my trip report!

I decided to go for a short trip to Cyprus. Fortunately, vaccinated passengers from Serbia are allowed as long as they complete their Cyprus Flight Pass form online. Cyprus accepts all vaccines, including Sputnik and Sinopharm.

About a year ago, Aegean overhauled its network by shifting its wave of nightly departures by about 1 to 2 hours. This allowed them to revise their BEG schedule by rescheduling their evening flights from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. approximately at 7:15 p.m. This gives you a full day in Belgrade while your arrival at LCA is now moved to one in the morning.

I did not make a trip report for the first part of the trip as it was dark and our flight was delayed for over an hour. However, I found out that the A320 arriving from Athens was carrying 158 passengers, an LF of 91%. Our flight, however, was not as successful as the LF was around 60% with 4 passengers in business class.

Welcome to Larnaca Airport

The Air Serbia flight to Belgrade was leaving exactly at the same time as us. I found their LF on this flight to be around 70%. Sadly, that Monday morning flight ended as it was only introduced during the busy summer months.

Air Serbia in Belgrade, parked next to the S7 A320neo in the direction of Novosibirsk.

Cabin of our A321neo. There were a total of 175 passengers on this flight.

Former LCA terminal with its bus barriers.

About 20 minutes after take off, we were handed a box of snacks. Unlike TK which puts a cup of water and juice in your box, Aegean offers a full beverage service through the cabin.

The NEO family includes a new cabin and the seat is extremely comfortable and is certainly an improvement over what they have on their old planes.

A321neo doesn’t have screens, but Aegean has introduced an app that you plug into, and that has pretty much everything you could possibly need. They have an international newspaper, games, destination guides … and an interactive map as shown above.

We parked at gate A7 and our plane was scheduled to make another flight to Cyprus and back. Lots of jumbo jets at ATH besides the ones you can see on the right there is a DL A333 on the left going to ATL and on the other side there was a QR 788, AC B789, AC B77W and shortly after Aeroflot arrived with its B77W.

ATH is a pretty ugly airport. The terminal inside was extremely overcrowded when we landed, there are maybe three 3 restaurants and bars plus a Starbucks. Most of the sockets that were placed in the seating area were not working and because there were too many people in the terminal, many were forced to sit near the doors.

I crossed paths with Air Serbia again. What I found strange is that they are showing their old ad in the portal. I think it would make a lot more sense to play it in other parts of the airport where there are people who haven’t booked their flights with them.

We flew to Belgrade on a 12 year old A320. The cabin inside was very well maintained. The LF on today’s flight was around 80%.

The service was similar to what we got from LCA, but this time I went for the vegetarian option.

The flight to Belgrade went fairly smoothly and after an hour and twenty minutes we landed.

The weather that day was atrocious, cloudy, rainy and cold (12 degrees).

Overall, it’s good to see that Aegean hasn’t used COVID as an excuse to cut its traditionally good on-board product. Their crew are always friendly, polite and neat. In my opinion, their biggest problem in the future will be ATH. The airport experience is a far cry from what you get when traveling with Aegean. With the growth of their NEO fleet, they will introduce a superior product compared to many in Europe. In terms of the overall product, I think Aegean is one of the best airlines in Europe.

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