TV legend Mike Gargiulo and father of WNBC’s Michael Gargiulo dead at 95 – NBC New York


Mike Gargiulo, the nine-time Emmy winner, who directed some of television’s most beloved game shows for half a century and began his illustrious career at WNBC, where his son Michael co-hosts “Today in New York “, has passed away.

Gargiulo died on Tuesday. He was 95 years old.

He started his television career at WNBC, working as a personnel manager in the early 1950s, and did most of the local programming in New York City until 1959 when NBC selected him to join the Department’s Project. State to build a television studio in Moscow and introduce color television to the Russian people during the exchange.

It was in this studio that Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon had their famous “kitchen debate”, which Gargiulo recorded and returned to NBC. The recordings were shared with CBS and ABC within hours and would have potentially helped usher in the era of modern televised political debates.

For 50 years, Gargiulo has directed some of television’s favorite game shows including “Password”, “The Price Is Right” and “$ 10,000 Pyramid”. He’s also produced over 30 years of variety specials for CBS, covering the Thanksgiving Day Parade, for which he won an Emmy nomination in 1974, New Years Eve, and other events.

Gargiulo was born and raised on Coney Island and lived above his father’s restaurant, where bands and variety performers appeared regularly. He had a flair for these shows, which became fashionable in the early 1960s throughout his career.

Victor Borge hired him to direct his music and his comedy special featuring the jazz version of “Peter and the Wolf”. He also returned to Russia for “The Leningrad Ice Show” and then to Las Vegas for a second NBC special starring Igor.
Moiseyev contemporary dance company, hosted by Orson Welles.

In 2015, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded Gargiulo an Emmy for Lifetime Achievement. He racked up a total of 31 nominations and nine Emmy Awards during his rich career.

Gariuglo has often noted that none of his accomplishments could have been completed without the support of his wife of over half a century, Dorothy, and his children, Susan and Michael. He was especially proud of his family and his three grandchildren, Ian, Olivia and Andrew.


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