Two pranksters arrested for faking oral sex near Moscow cathedral, sentenced to 10 months in prison


Moscow: In a bizarre incident, two pranksters were arrested for faking oral sex near a Moscow cathedral. Prankster Ruslani Murodzhonzoda and his model friend Anastasia Chistova were also sentenced to 10 months in prison for faking oral sex near St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square for “liking and popularity”, according to the report.Also read – Two-headed calf with pig body and double tongue was born in Russia, died a few days later

As images of the couple surfaced on social media, Chistova was seen wearing a police jacket as she knelt in front of Murodzhonzoda with the world-famous cathedral in the background. Also Read – Russia Reports Massive Rise in Covid Cases, Moscow Shuts Non-Essential Services

During the hearing, the Tverskoy District Court in Moscow found the two guilty of hurting the feelings of clerics, despite the couple apologizing on Instagram. Also Read – Russia Sets New Record for Daily Coronavirus Deaths; 1,123 registered deaths

In a statement, the court said the actions of Murodzhonzoda and Chistova showed “a clear lack of respect for society”.

In addition, Murodzhonzoda was deported to Tajikistan after his conviction. While Murodzhonzoda is known as an online wildcard, 19-year-old Chistova is an Instagram model.

Ahead of the court hearing, Chistova apologized in an Instagram post to people she had insulted, saying she had “not thought about” and was simply looking for “likes and popularity.” She also claimed in the Instagram post that Murodzhonzoda chose the location, and he assured her that there was nothing wrong with playing pranks there.

It should be noted that the couple were first arrested in September before their case was heard. Notably, the two pranksters are the first to be sentenced to prison terms under new laws for “contempt of religious sentiment” which previously only resulted in fines or suspended sentences.

Russia had criminalized in 2013 insulting the feelings of believers after the performance of the “punk prayer” of the anti-Kremlin group Pussy Riot in another cathedral in Moscow.


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