UK following US in Beijing ‘boycott’ hype won’t stop event from shining


The emblem of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games is presented to the public. Photo: Cui Meng / GT

Closely following the United States, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “plans a diplomatic boycott” of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in protest at China’s human rights record, a move that has been criticized by experts for politicizing the sporting event world and whatever some Western politicians and anti-Chinese forces try to hype to attack China, they will not stop the Beijing Olympics from shining.

The British government is considering a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing to protest China’s human rights record, The Times reported on Saturday.

There is an “active discussion” within the government as to whether Britain should follow suit, with Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, arguing in favor, while Johnson being more cautious, according to the report.

The report came two days after US President Joe Biden made the same announcement to the media at the White House on Thursday.

Faced with the recent hype of the “boycott of Beijing” by some Western politicians and anti-Chinese forces, experts in China and abroad have said that a diplomatic boycott will not affect the upcoming event. They also noted that the United States is the originator of evil in terms of politicizing the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Sport is an area that absolutely does not include and should not be affected by politics, Zhao Jisheng, a professor at the College of Physical Education and Sports at Beijing Normal University, told Global Times on Sunday.

China’s sole focus on this event is to ensure that every attendee arrives and leaves Beijing safely, which will be the games’ biggest success during such a special time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zhao noted. .

Amid clamor from the United States and its supporters for a boycott, more countries and people around the world have expressed their support for China.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Tass News Agency in September that a possible US diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics was “nonsense”.

Biden’s reflection on the boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics aims to make a political compromise with China for a more effective repositioning of Washington in the changing global context and the accusation of human rights violations provides a apology for such a compromise, Sergey Biryukov, professor at the Siberian Institute of Management in Novosibirsk in Russia, told the Global Times.

Biryukov said the United States and its ally the United Kingdom are testing the Chinese government and awaiting its reaction. Washington has yet to make a final decision.

Using the Beijing Winter Olympics to attack China politicizes the Olympics and is seen as undermining the Olympic spirit, experts said, noting that whatever some Western politicians and anti-Chinese forces do, the Beijing Winter Olympics will always impress the world.

On Saturday, the Chinese Embassy in Turkey hosted an online activity on the Beijing Winter Olympics, during which Ambassador Liu Shaobin presented China’s insistence on hosting the Games with the principles of ” be green, low-carbon and sustainable. And he also expects athletes from Turkey and around the world to perform well in Beijing.

Adnan Akfirat, president of the Turkish-Chinese Association for Business Development and Friendship, who also attended the online activity, said the Olympics are a milestone for humanity to build together its common future. Any attitude that would overshadow this common effort is wrong and should be condemned by all parties.

Biden’s plan to impose a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics on the grounds of “human rights violations” is an arrogance not only against the host of the games, but against the entire world. The efforts of the imperialist states to politicize and obscure the Olympic Games will not yield any results. On the contrary, it will reveal their bad intentions to world public opinion, Akfirat said.

“We are convinced that the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will testify to the level of development of Chinese socialist culture, will be a shining example of the rising Asian civilization. We believe that the records of brotherhood will be broken at the Olympic Games in Beijing winter, ”he added. Akfirat said.


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